Life doesn’t always turn out the way we wanted

It’s my little girl’s birthday tomorrow, she’ll be 9. She’s my youngest, we are taking her plus 8 friends plus her older sister to Build-a-bear at the shopping mall for her party. They’re going to have a heart ceremony and a naming ceremony, I’m really looking forward to it. Then birthday tea back at the house and a disco, before the parents come. Of course I forgot it is also Black Friday, so the parking Angels will be called upon to make sure we get a parking space!

I am spending more time at home as I am still resting and recuperating, so I am surrounded by my family. I cherish it, to be able to enjoy my children is such a gift. I also am spending more time with my dog Milo. He is a rescue dog, he’s about 2 or 3 years old, and he’s a Jack Russell.

When we got Milo he had been housebound his whole life. He was afraid to go outside, he wouldn’t go into the garden on his own, only ever ate scraps of food off plates and had never been for a walk. I am sure his life wasn’t the way he wanted either! We have had him a year now and he’s come into his own. He loves chasing balls, and he loves going for walks. I’ve wanted to go out in the brisk sunny air and take more walks, Milo has been enjoying this, we go to the park together and I let him off the lead. I used to throw a ball for him but now I walk as I want to move my body more, it took him a while to figure out what to do! But now he runs along beside me, then runs off to sniff a tree, and then comes back. He really enjoys finding his freedom. And he always comes back! His favourite thing is to run into a resting flock of birds on the grass and bark at them as they fly off!

When I went for a walk on Sunday there were some other people in the park who also had dogs off the lead. To avoid a potentially sticky situation, I took a different turn and went in a different direction to our normal route. Milo looked slightly puzzled but bounded along happily beside me. 

It got me thinking, and I know this is a little simplistic, but what if God/Spirit/The Universe saw trouble and shifted my path into illness to keep me out of a bigger trouble that I wasn’t aware was there? God as the walker and me as the dog, being protected in an unexpected way. Of course I still am unsure, not knowing, and in my humanity am having more trouble accepting the shift than little Milo did when I shifted our path, he was just happy to be alive, happy to feel the wind under his tummy and happy to chase the birds.

What if we all could be like Milo and just be happy to be here? Let go of our attachment to where we think we should be going and just go with it? I’m getting there! We human’s think too much.