So what are these new paradigm 5D energies about? 5D means Fifth Dimensional energies.

3D heart centre closed  > 4D heart centre open erratically > 5D High Heart as transformer.

This means that we now live in the heart energies, we become open hearted, high vibrational multidimensional beings.

So what does that look like in real life?

These new paradigm 5D energies are about changing how we live to get maximum results for life. It is universal but it is also personal, you will have to change some things, and the energies will make you do it! in particular you will be shown how you organise yourself energetically, and offered opportunity to finally fully shift out of the old ways, the old scripts and step into the new.

Living in 5D energies is about being unapologetic for who you are. Raising your vibration and keeping it high. Being able to hold your frequency around those who are lower in vibration than you, without judgement, without needing to change or fix them. Knowing they can do it too if they wish to.

It’s about no longer being an empathic garbage collector, picking up everyone else’s energies all over town. It’s about honouring that healing is a sacred process, and that everyone needs to be proactive in their own healing. Knowing how to be there and hold space for someone without taking on their emotional pain. Knowing that taking someone else’s heavy emotional energies is denying them their healing process. Knowing that instead, we can transmute them together so that everyone can heal instead of drown in them.

Maintaining a high vibration is work – that’s why you are a lightworker

Staying in a high vibration will be vital to your health and well being. This means upgrading your level of self-care. Knowing that self-care is not selfish. Understanding the difference between needs and wants, and letting go of your needs and attachments, and trusting that Spirit/God/The Universe is on your side. It’s about handing big difficult things to Spirit instead of holding onto them as ballast to keep you grounded. It’s about letting go of psychic weight, so you can be free and light in your movements, in your choices, your life overall. It’s about consciously looking after your energy as well as your body, your mind and your emotions.

This is the new paradigm – this is who we are becoming.

We are becoming people who can sit in silence and send packets of intention out into the universe to create and change their life and their environment.

How the change has affected me

As I embody my new higher vibration, I find that some things no longer resonate with me, and some things have served their purpose.  It’s time for me to let go of my space in Cumberland Street. I’m moving my healing room to Rathgar, it’s a high vibrational space with a courtyard, a parking space and it’s closer to my home. It is also smaller than I’m used to, so I let go of my attachment to needing to have a big room – I don’t actually need a big room. It will be quiet enough for me to record audio, and write my new books, and it is closer to the parks that I love to go to for my healing and centring practices, so I know I will be more grounded there. When I knew I needed to move I just sat with myself and brought myself into alignment and asked the Universe to help me, to bring a new, functional, high vibrational space to me. And it came with grace and ease. This work is a daily practice – and I learn from it, and when I don’t do it I really notice the difference.

How you can come into alignment with the new paradigm 5D energies 

Having a daily practice to bring yourself into alignment with who you truly are, with a high vibration, can not only change the quality of your day, but it can change the quality of your life. It makes you the magnet for the things that you want in your life, instead of you always seeking outside of yourself on a quest for this, or that.

As I’ve said to clients, the quality of your life is what you experience through the choices you make and the consequences of those choices. You are the only one who can change the quality of your life. Little things can have a big impact on this, such as bringing flowers into a room brightens up the whole room. Moving to a quieter space, away from a main road, for me will bring in a whole new dimension to the work that I do. And sitting in silence, opening out my energy and expanding to my full size, releasing what is in the way of my having a high vibration and coming into alignment with my inner knowing is how i have achieved what I have achieved so far in my life. And I will continue to do this. And I want to share it with you.

How I can help you

I’ve been telling people to come join me for my bootcamp classes. The next one is February 2019, I run them twice a year. Through my emails and blog posts you can see where I’m going, what I’ve been doing, and what I’ve been achieving. By connecting to me in bootcamp you will get some of this energy for yourself. Be guided to open more to your inner wisdom, to open your heart and let go of the fear of being light, of being powerful, of being the master of your emotions. Life can be wonderful, bright, light and beautiful, if you let it in. So have a read of what I have to offer on my website, and if it calls to you, it’s here for you.