What are Energetic Upgrades and why do they hurt so much?

I’ve been taking about upgrades, some of you might have heard talk from others about upgrades, and someone today emailed me and asked me what an upgrade is, so I thought this was a good topic for this week’s email. I hope you enjoy it!

We have a physical body. Every 7 years the cells in our physical body are replaced in that old cells die and new cells grow in. We start with the body of a baby, then shift to toddler body, then child, teenager, then young adult. The body you’re inhabiting right now is very different to the one you grew up in. But we don’t see this as upgrading ourselves, it’s the circle of life, it’s natural growth and development and it happens over the course of our lifetime, so slowly that we don’t notice it until we stop and pay attention to it!

So what are energetic upgrades and why do they hurt so much?  Well, we have an energetic body, but because we don’t see it, most of us are unaware of it. Our emotional and mental body is connected to our energetic body, and from time to time the quality of energy that flows through it changes, directly affecting our physical body.

Life force energy usually flows through our energetic body into our physical body, and the blocks in our energetic body hamper our physical body in that if we are tied up in knots energetically, our physical body doesn’t get as much life force energy flowing into it. This is also the case if someone is taking our life force energy (energy vampire), or if we are caught in an event in the past (soul loss), or worried about something that has not happened yet (power loss). We can be leaking life force energy rather than containing it. It can be quite complicated, and I won’t get into this here right now.

The amount of life force energy that flows into our physical body has a direct impact on our vitality. When the energy flows freely, we are vibrant, in flow, we feel good. Our body is fed and nourished, we have energy to work rest and play. Most of us are not in this good shape for many reasons, and we need to do the work to free up our energetic bodies so that we can get as much life force energy into our physical bodies as we possibly can. This is something that conventional medicine and science doesn’t yet recognise, but it will catch up eventually.

Most of the work that I do with people helps them reorganise their energetic body so that they can free up their energy. This way they can heal their mental, emotional and physical body and manage life better. Organisation is about what you feed your life force energy to, and what is feeding off of you. This includes relationships, preoccupations, and occupations. It’s more complicated than this but I want to keep this simple. So when you get an energetic upgrade, you must heal your energy body as well as your physical body so that it doesn’t hurt so much, but this can take time.

I see the energetic body + the physical body as a container of a certain size, quality and integrity. Like a vase – they come in all shapes and sizes, some in glass, some metal, some ceramic. Just like people do! When people are leaking life force energy, it’s like a vase with a hole in it. I help repair their container so they can start to contain the energy instead of lose it. When someone takes someone else’s energy, I liken it to a smash-and-grab, or a break-in, without their permission. Invariably the container gets damaged, and needs to be repaired, and then refilled. I have worked with people who’s vase was completely shattered by life experiences, and we put it back together again. Just like that meme of the Japanese vase which was put back together with gold.

A daily spiritual practice is necessary to maintain and look after your energy body/container. This is what I have aways advocated for, and will always be an integral part of the work that I do. (next bootcamp is in September!). Check yours now, if you were a vase, ask yourself what would you look like, and are you intact?

So what is an energetic upgrade?

Well, we already talked about a container, so an energetic upgrade happens when your ‘container’ is upgraded. In other words, your vase enlarges and the material changes to that with a higher quality. This translates as an expansion of your energy body, and a shift in frequency and vibration of the life force energy that your body can now access.

But unlike the slow and gradual growth process of our physical body, energetic upgrades can happen overnight. They can happen in a split second. These upgrades usually go hand in hand with a spiritual awakening. You could also called this an initiation. For example, a real Kundalini awakening is an energy upgrade. And if you’re not ready for it, it can blow a fuse in your brain, or shatter your vase. The physical body has to acclimatise to the upgraded energetic frequencies, and that is what hurts so much at times. A true Kundalini awakening can drive people to insanity if not handled correctly. This is why I always and forever will be skeptical about any Kundalini yoga practices that claim to awaken you if you participate. The teachers are simply not trained to handle the consequences of a true Kundalini awakening, and it is more than likely that many of them never experienced it themselves. It’s not just Kundalini yoga, but Reiki too, or any energetic practice. Kundalini Reiki, from what I am aware of, works with Earth energy, not true Kundalini energy. Anyway, that’s a different conversation for another time.  And these awakenings usually don’t happen until the timing is right between that person and Spirit. You can’t say to Spirit “I’ll be going to a Kundalini yoga/Reiki workshop next week at 7pm, so I expect my Kundalini to rise and have an awakening”. However if the Divine timing is right, your Kundalini may rise in you while you’re washing the dishes. Remember, Divine timing is not your timing.

An energy upgrade can feel like lightning striking you. And sometimes, yes, people do get struck by lightning and have an awakening, and an energetic upgrade. Many people have had psychosis as part of their energetic upgrade. Severe anxiety, nervous breakdown, mania, depression. All of these can be diagnosed as mental disorders and medication prescribed for them, but most of the time, I believe, they are part of an energetic upgrade/spiritual awakening that that person is experiencing. And doctors just don’t get it.

Energy upgrades have hurt me quite a bit, none of us are immune to it. I had severe tinnitus last September which knocked me flat for 2 months. It was as if two fire trucks sat in my head with their sirens going off for almost 2 full weeks. The noise has been stepping down gradually, and this week I have had moments of blissful silence. I am so grateful. I know now that it was an energetic upgrade. And it was the scariest thing I ever experienced. I had panic attacks and PTSD from it. It has taken my body almost 9 months to heal from this upgrade that I received, and I’m still not completely healed. Because my energy body expanded and such a massive flow of energy came into my system, my brain blew a fuse and it was my ear that took the biggest hit. Our physical bodies need time to catch up. I know many of you are going through similar upgrades too, maybe not as dramatic as mine. Believe me, I didn’t ask for the drama! Energetic upgrades are not always so dramatic, they can be like steps on a staircase, slow acclimatisation. It does depend on your calling in life, why you’re here, and your energetic make-up. I guess in my case I have contracted with Spirit to be of service and I offer myself to do what is needed, and the energies I have access to are the new tools of my trade. (If you’re listening Spirit, please, don’t do it that way again.. )

Those of you who have had healing sessions with me over the last few months know exactly how powerful an effect this new upgrade has had on the work that I can now do. How subtle and yet powerful and loving the energies I now work with are. They’re so different to anything that I’ve ever experienced, yet they’re so familiar, because they’re me. I have upgraded – from a church to a cathedral, from a Mini to a Maserati. The changes are making me sit back and take stock of my life, of what I do, what I have to offer, and how I want to offer it in the future. Everything from my move to Rathgar, shifting to online sessions only, and the quality of the work and the writing that I am doing. The work you need to do to maintain and care for a Maserati is very different to what is needed for a Mini. So I have had to change my self-care and upgrade that too. Can you relate to this?

If you take a step back from it you can see that energy upgrading is a process – first there is preparation stage, which we are usually not aware of but can recognise in hindsight. Then comes the initiation/upgrade (BOOM!), then a long stage of healing. After that is consolidation and balance – where the container of energy body + physical body comes into equilibrium with the new energies. This can be difficult too as the impact of the new frequencies on your environment changes your life. Once equilibrium is reached, you go back into the cycle again, as you prepare for the next upgrade.

I hope this clarifies for you what some of you may be going through at the moment. The amount of energy we now have access to is massively different to what we had 10, even 5 years ago. We are evolving, and this is part of the evolution. My journey is not unique, but I share my own experiences here as I prefer to keep my clients experiences confidential. If you want to share your experiences with your own upgrades do come along to my Facebook group and find community, new friends, here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AbbysOnlineGroupHealingSessions

I’m here to support you on your journey. And that journey is not always easy. Growth hurts, and it can hurt a lot. The best advice I can give to you today is to slow down, go gently, rest if you need to. Take stock. Look at what no longer fits for you in your life, and prepare to let it go. Have a look at my blog post about letting go of toxic people. Make space for new things to come in. Open to the possibility of new gifts waking up inside of you, new longings, new love and joy.

The world is beautiful and hostile at the same time. From the song of the same name:

“There can be miracles when you believe,
though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill.
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
when you believe, somehow you will,
you will when you believe.”

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Sending lots of love to you,