When something goes wrong, or you’re faced with a challenge, have you ever found yourself going around in circles with your thinking, going over and over again all the issues, yet not finding the solution? And then, when you step away from it and do something else – usually something completely different like playing music, going for a walk, or even cooking dinner, the answer pops into your head! A solution that you couldn’t have come up with yourself, but yet here it is. Divine inspiration when you least expect it. But you actually set it up, and you attracted that solution in, with your intention.

I’m not going to get all fan-girly, but whenever Einstein used to have trouble with his equations, he would go into a different room and play his violin, and then the answer would come. Or so the story goes! He’s been attributed to the quote “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. He also said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”, and “women marry men hoping they will change, men marry women hoping they will not”. ha ha! Wise being!

Sticking with his idea of levels of consciousness, let’s lead into levels of vibration and energy. To quote another famous genius scientist, Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. And I say from my own experience, by raising your vibration you can attract in those things of a higher vibration, such as the solutions to your problems, and the answers to your dreams.

I had a phone call with a fashion magazine this week, the fashion editor wanted to understand the Law of Attraction as she was writing a piece on it. I said to her if you’re holding onto guilt, shame, self-doubt and fear, you can’t attract in joy, happiness, peace and love. If you’re trying to attract in a high vibration but you actually are at a low vibration, you are in dis-harmony. Like a musical instrument with some of the strings out of tune. She loved that idea, it’s clear and easy to understand. She then asked me if I attract in what my clients want for them. I told her that I cannot do that for anyone, instead, I work with them to clear what is in the way, so they can be in harmony with a higher frequency and vibration, so they can attract in what they want in their lives, for themselves. So many of you have done this through working with me (yay!!!). I then asked her if my publisher put her onto me, and she said she found me herself on the internet! She didn’t know that I have a book out (2020 diary) and now she will feature it, and me, in her article. We both laughed, it seemed that the law of attraction brought us both together. Isn’t that fun?!

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, it’s bootcamp time and I want to help you attract in all the good stuff if you’re having trouble doing that for yourself. Raise your Vibration bootcamp with me as the facilitator/host for 21 days is starting September 11th 2019. I call it bootcamp because we don’t let up for 21 days. Then the next 7 days are optional – your choice to keep it going, but I encourage you to. Because after one full month of energy work, you’ve got a new habit, which you can then continue to keep your vibration high, and keep those beautiful energies coming into your life, through magnetic attraction.

If you’ve never done bootcamp with me before, it’s 10 minutes a day with an opening and closing webinar. You get an email in your inbox each day with a ‘task’ (I call it a task, but usually it’s me doing something for you!) and you need to make the time to sit with it and go into it, receive the healing or do the work, whatever we feel called to do as a group at that time. The webinars are about an hour, they sets the scene for what we are going to do, and they are available on replay if you can’t make them. We have a facebook group, a private one, so everyone can meet each other and talk, share, laugh, cry (yes there is crying) in a safe space as we release the heavy and discordant energies, retune our strings (so to speak) and all play together in harmony. Like an orchestra.

And just like an actual orchestra, people who ‘play’ with the group keep coming back to it for refreshers. I love this work so much I have a lifetime discount price for anyone who comes back. I run it twice a year, February and September. And I know many of you are already excited to join me!

If you’ve not done Bootcamp before, now is a great opportunity to join Patreon as I have patreon discount codes, I also have online group healing discount codes if you’ve already done a healing session with me (and yes, that includes a one to one healing session too). Please write to me and I will send you the code for the checkout or you can join me on Patreon Here.

If you’d like to sample a ‘task’ before you decide to join us, then here’s a link to a video I recorded earlier this week (yes I really need to do more of them I had so much fun and so many people loved the exercise). It’s my take on Ho’opono’pono, bringing you from a lower energy up to a higher one. That’s what my work is, to help you shed heavy stuck energies and be the best and brightest light that you can be. To remember you can shine like a lighthouse and guide other people home, just by your presence alone. To open your wings and fly and feel the freedom of being completely who you are. Because only you can do that.