I posted up about Angels recently on Instagram and it got many comments and shares. I thought I would write about healing with the Angels, and share an energy healing exercise with you that you can try as you read. Perhaps you need to make a space for it, so you can come back and to it later, but as you read the words you may be able to feel the energies shifting, if you bring your awareness to them. For the world needs more love, and we all close down to love when we are focused on the day to day.

Take a moment to disconnect from the day to day, from the details of your life, of the difficulties you are faced with (and we all are or we would not be alive).

Now imagine yourself stepping back from all of it. Feel the ground beneath your feet, press your feet into the ground and soften your shoulders, soften your body. Breathe. Stay here until you feel you are more in your body, and less “out there” with all of your troubles.

When you do healing with the Angels you need to ask them for help. Visualise your Angels standing beside you. You can call in as many Angels as you wish – one behind you, one on either side of you, one in front of you. Allow yourself to feel their healing presence near you. As you become more aware of them, your body will soften even more.

Become aware of the sky above you. You are held. Ground beneath you, Angels all around you. Give yourself permission to relax, say out loud (or in your mind) “I am safe, I am here”. Again, stay here until you really feel it in your body, that you are safe.
As you soften allow your energies to expand. the Angels will give you all the space you need, and surround you so you feel protected. You can thank them or speak to them if you wish (they like that).

Now say out loud (or loudly in your mind) “Please connect me to a source of the high vibrational healing energy of unconditional love” Imagine yourself opening to receive it, releasing all that is in the way of it flowing in.

With every breath in you breathe in this love, this healing, beautiful energy that is here for you. With every breath out you breathe out emotional pain, physical pain, you are in control of this, so use controlled breaths if it gets to be too much for you. You can go as deeply as you are able to.

When you are finished, thank your Angels, and allow them to dissolve out of your awareness again. One or two of them may wish to stay with you, depending on your circumstances.


If you have trouble doing this exercise you might prefer to listen to me talking you through it, you can click here to visit my SoundCloud playlist for raising your vibration. If you want to send healing to a loved one, you could read my blog post “How to Send Love and Light, a Practical Guide” And if you didn’t feel anything at all, you might like to order some healing from me to you. Click here to order pure distance energy healing.