We are heading into the end of 2019, the end of the 2010’s, and it has been rough for many. There are so many of you with physical issues, illness, emotional pain, difficulties. Our backs are up against the wall. We must face the 2020’s knowing that we are different people, that we are being upgraded and it hurts, but it will settle.

We are learning that we care more about people and the environment than we care about money and material things. We are being re-wired for joy instead of fear, we can be in the moment more and celebrate with our friends instead of comparing traumas. We no longer need to be afraid of being different, we know that we are all the same. We are able to love wildly and more deeply, to care strongly, to reach for the stars, and feel those very same stars reaching back down to us. These are my new year wishes for you, for the coming year, for the coming decade.

It’s time to put away your childish things, to stop pretending that you’re not good at anything, to stop running away from responsibility. You are already responsible, so own it. Self-care is the only thing that will get you through the next few months, the next few years. Self-care is not pretty nor is it selfish. It includes screaming into the wind, going to the dentist, facing those parts of yourself that you still need to make peace with. Do it. Once you have done this, then you are at peace with yourself and you can ride the waves of the changes, instead of getting swept away and drowning in them, because your internal struggle is distracting you from seeing where the lifeboats are.

The energies are in your favour, and I’m here to help if you want support. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. Don’t ask me if you would rather ask someone else, but do then ask someone else. And receive the help, there’s no point asking for help if you’re standing there with your arms folded not letting it in.

And it’s time to do all the things. What other time do you have? Do them now, you won’t be sorry.

Say the things that you need to say to yourself, such as: I appreciate me; I’m doing a great job; I completely forgive myself for everything I have done or not done in my life; I accept myself completely; I take my power back and I am not afraid to be here, to shine my light and to take up my space in the world.

Say the things you need to say to other people, like: I love you; I forgive you; I want us to work together to make our relationship work; I see you and I appreciate you; I love you but I find it difficult to be around you when you’re like this; I’m not able to spend time with you today/tomorrow/next week; I am happy to love you from over here; I really truly want to see you doing well and I wish all wonderful things for you but I cannot have you in my life anymore.

And do the things that you always said you’d do: save up money and go explore somewhere you’ve never been before; go on a retreat; sign up for a pottery class; buy paints and create something beautiful; write those poems; write that novel; plant a tree; eat the green things; shine your light.

Shine your light shine your light and see everyone in the world as different to you but also the same as you, going through their own journey, with lights of their own in different states of brightness. When your light shines as brightly as I know it can do, you can send some of that light out to them. Do your inner work. Face your weaknesses and heal them and be stronger for it.

I wish you love and joy. I wish for you that all the blocks that stop you from doing your inner work reveal themselves to be transformed. I wish you empowered voices and strong hearts and minds that are in alignment with love. I wish you all the resources you need to do the things that you need to do.


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