What do you know? I mean, deep down, what absolute truth do you know, that is solid within you, unshakable? Not what is true for you, because that is transient and subjective, but a universal truth, a truth that is always true.

Why am I asking? Well, now is a great time to ask these questions, a time for reflection, a time to separate ourselves out and examine the components, to more deeply understand the difference between what is true for us, and what is absolutely true.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

I see people going around blinkered to the truth, in denial, not wanting to burst the bubble of their lives. But if you live a spiritual life this is something that you have to do. Confront what lies you are telling yourself, deconstruct the world that you live in, so you can rebuild it on a foundation of what is good and true. That’s the Dark Night of the Soul. The darkness, because, when the lies are uncovered, it hurts to see them there, and worse, to admit that you allowed for it. The night time, because although it can seem to go on forever, we know the sun will rise and the light will flood in, eventually. And the Soul, because the Soul can tell the difference between the absolute truth and the convenient truth, and our Soul has no time for what is convenient.

I will say this again – our Soul has no time for what is convenient.

The world as we know it is going through a dark night of the Soul. Some people will see the sun rising, be stripped bare of their illusions and reconstruct their idea of who they are, how they serve, and what is good. And some people won’t make it. Some will get stuck in the darkness, some will refuse to enter that realm altogether, because it is too painful for them. And it is painful, anyone who has come out of the other side of it knows this.

So I’m asking you to be kind. Kind to yourself because you might be unmasking, seeing something for the first time or seeing that familiar thing for the hundredth time and wondering why it has showed up again. It’s clearing. It’s growth. It’s your process, you’re not going backwards. I’m asking you to be particularly kind to others because they may be in the throws of their own pain, the struggle to hold onto the old ways, the fear of the new. The way you treat the other reflects back on you.

We do have a fear of what is new and unknown, we are wired that way. And we do fear our own light too, where our light is our power and strength. I asked a client today what she would do with the energy that she spends on her internal struggle if she was free of it. She looked at me sideways for a moment, then smiled. “I suppose I’d learn something new?” she questioned. Or do something good and useful for the world? Or just rest for a while, really, deeply rest, to come back into alignment with vibrant health.

What you do, well, it’s up to you. But don’t be afraid of your power. When you are centred in your heart and stand in the light, you can do amazing, beautiful, wonderful things.

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