There is unrest in the world. We are half-way through the year, and I am hearing that the next 2 years will be just as challenging as this one is turning out to be.

I must address the riots and protests in America. There has been a lot of hatred online, arguments and difficult emotions. Social media doesn’t allow for us to listen to the tone of voice. We cannot see tears in someone’s eyes as they write. We cannot fathom the depth of emotion behind written words. Nor can we know or realise the stage of healing or level of understanding the person doing the telling will have. When a client starts therapy for the first time they have a lot to talk about. Mostly they need to feel safe to talk about it. Sometimes their story comes out awkwardly, they skip parts, it’s not chronological. Sometimes they need to tell it several times before they are happy with the telling. It is new for many people to speak their truth, and they need the space to vent, to exhale, and to ground themselves again. Only when they’re grounded can the healing begin. So my advice to you, if you’ve been impacted by this wave of emotion, is to step back and release your need to justify yourself or give your point of view, and listen.

Because this is part of the death of an old way of life, before the hatching out of the new. But for something to be reborn, it must first die. There are a lot of phoenix rising posts out there, I’ve seen many spiritual teachers running programmes called “out of the ashes” or words to that effect. But we are not completely dead to the old ways just yet, nor are we in a state of being reborn. We are in the middle, the space between, the uncomfortable place where we are helpless. All we can do is watch things collapse onto themselves and sink into the mire to be swallowed up by the earth. All we can do is provide a safe space to listen to someone else’s pain, we cannot take it away from them. And it is not ours to take.

When the fire of transformation comes it burns away all lies and leaves the life you knew, behind. “Truth destroys the world you used to live in.” Neil Kramer. This is nothing new to those of us who have been on a spiritual journey. Waking up means seeing life as it really is, owning the choices we have made, and choosing whether to keep what we have accumulated, or to let it go and take the risk of the new, and the unknown. Speaking up is painful. We must remember that many people are just beginning their awakening. It is their world that is dying, along with parts of ours. This reality cannot sustain the new energies, it has to shift and change and transform in order to ascend with us. We can hold out a helping hand and lift our loved ones into this liminal space only if they reach out and accept our help. We can then serve tea and sit and watch everything burn around us. Only, and I stress this, ONLY, if we have already done our work. And we cannot make it stop, it is supposed to happen this way.

I said to a client this week – “Your homework be very powerful for you if you show up to it and do it every day, but if you don’t, it won’t be helpful at all.” He has to decide to do it, every day, show up for himself, as hard as that may seem to be. But it gets easier, and over time, becomes a pleasure. Realising that you actually are a responsible adult already, it’s just your inner child that thinks otherwise. Discovering that you already do know yourself, you were just running so quickly all you actually need is time to catch up, with yourself.

So this liminal space is useful for that, to take the time to catch up with ourselves, as the world awakens and burns. It seems very dramatic, that’s because it is. But we have been waiting for this time all of our lives. And here we are. We can no longer run from ourselves. We cannot live in a world where lies are at the foundation of everything. We need to burn it all down. And catch up with ourselves as a collective before we rise up and become reborn.

My energy tip for this week is to take a step away from the pandemonium and don’t buy into the fear. Don’t get swallowed up into it. Sit here, with me, in this liminal space, and breathe. Catch up with yourself. Because it is not going to ease, and over the next few years you will need your strength, fierce grace and a compassionate and patient heart. Learn how to be with it, as it is, right now.

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