I wrote this on Facebook a few days ago, I don’t know if you have seen it already but it seemed fitting to share it here. My husband insisted that I label it “A Message for Healers and Empaths” so that I wouldn’t get any flack for it. I took his advice, and I only received agreement and gratitude. I didn’t take a side. I just spoke my truth. I hope it resonates with you.

A Message for Empaths and Healers.

Empaths and healers can read what is not being said, feel into the spaces between the words, and find the underlying wounds that are keeping their clients trapped in their patterns and pain. The longer I do healing work the more I learn about patterns such as archetypal energies which we act out of in our personalities, fractals; where the same pattern happens on different levels (such as in you and in the collective), and the energetics of story – from the mundane to the mythic. I see every day the power that words and story have over us and all of the aspects of us, how we can take a thing and make it real by putting our power and intention behind it. As a shaman we dance with different dimensions too, we can see the parallel universes, lives on other planets, past lives here, and soul connections between people who know each other beyond forever, but have only just met on this earth plane.

Here’s the problem. We have trouble switching all of these navigation systems, off.

Could you imagine what it would be like to walk in a crowd of people and not feel what they are feeling? Not delve into the history and archetypal, mythological patterns that are being woven around us? No, neither could I. Life is so much more interesting when it has depth, colour, and multidimensional aspects to it that make this reality seem, well, magical.

So when something happens on the news, we empath healer types can feel it, and we usually feel it, because switching off feelings is something we need to do actively, rather than turn them on. Switching off these systems make us feel lesser than we could be, it make us feel like we are doing the world a disservice, because we are made this way, for healing, and if we don’t do it we are neglecting our purpose in life.

But when you see disaster on the news all the time, it is very difficult to handle the sensations of emotion that are awakened in us, over and over and over and over again. More and more of us deliberately switch our sensory mechanisms off because, not only is it exhausting, but it is emotionally depleting.

Living on high alert drains us. In a fear based pandemic environment we healer empath types have our sensors on full blast because we feel we are at risk, our families and loved one are at risk, and we want to make sure we are doing all that we can to protect ourselves, and them.

And this is where I make my point. You see, many healer types are speaking about what they are feeling and reading in the situation as it is at present, and they are being labelled as New Age quacks and crazy people and being grouped and associated with people who have a history of causing trouble, turbulence and disruption. We see the split between the people that feel with their hearts and bravely talk about what they are picking up in the in-between, and the people that think with their minds, decide what they believe based on opinion and logic, and then defend it staunchly from whichever side they have chosen.

Now I’m not saying that all empaths are healers, and I’m not saying that all healers get it right every time. I’m not saying that all the self-professed spiritual leaders / healers / wellness professionals are in fact what they say they are either, many of them are not, many of them are looking for attention, many of them have not done their inner work. But what I am saying is that there is something fishy going on here, there really is. And as an empath it is more than likely that you will have picked up on it. And when we are currently in an information war, facts are hard to find. So it cannot be verified. Who can you trust?

So if this is you – thinking that there’s something else going on behind the scenes, feeling like we are being distracted from/blindfolded to/ not being told, then please trust those feelings. Your inner navigation system is not lying to you.

What the facts are, we may never know, perhaps in 10 years we will know more. But if something feels wrong to you then it most probably is wrong. You don’t have to pick a side. But you do need to trust your gut instinct, slow down and look at what is right in front of you, rather than look at what is outside at the internet information wars and tread into a battlefield of hate, anger and subterfuge to find it there. You won’t find it there.

Look after your family, look after yourself. Upgrade your self-care practice. Because at the end of the day, you have dominion over yourself, and if you give that up because you’re confused or scared, then you have become disempowered.

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