As an empath that uses social media, I put hand on heart and say it is not a fun uplifting place to be. We are in an information war, everyone is being forced to take a side, and if they don’t they are labelled and pushed into a corner. Cancel culture means people are being shut down. They are not able to speak their minds, give an opinion if it goes against the grain. And as a healer or an empath, someone who feels other people’s emotions, going against the grain is something that we do. It has been very difficult to navigate social media without feeling shut down or upset. I’m exploring a few topics around this, this is part two. If you missed part one, click here to find it.

Empaths on Social Media like to check in with who they consider to be experts in the healing arts, to see where they are at. It’s a good way to ‘take the temperature’, to see what others are saying. However this is no longer useful. It’s very disappointing to see mainstream wellness “experts” so judgemental online, calling anything they don’t want to hear “spiritual bypassing” or “gaslighting”. Labelling something does not make it go away, nor does it make it untrue. If you don’t want to hear it that’s your issue. Own it. They’re not doing this, instead they’re projecting their fears onto it and pushing it away even further.

Instead of listening open-mindedly, nowadays on social media people point at something and saying “that’s bad”, then turn to the crowd and say “look at this thing, isn’t it so, so bad?” And the crowd says “YES!” Then when someone says “Maybe it’s not bad, maybe you’re just thinking that it’s bad right now because you don’t like it but I don’t think it’s bad because I trust in God, and what seems bad now often turns out to be a blessing with the benefit of hindsight.” that person gets attacked and labelled by the crowd as spiritual by-passer.

To me, this is part of cancel culture. If you don’t agree with my crowd, then I have a label for you. Anti-vax, terf, conspiracy theorist, narcissist, spiritual by-passer, gaslighter. All of these labels are hurtful and filled with fear. Nobody wants the label because the crowd is more powerful and the crowd will decide which label belongs to you, and the crowd will destroy you and your reputation if you are not in agreement with it. This is not okay.

Empaths don’t agree with the crowd. They never have. They’ve always been the black sheep of the family, the outlier, the prodigal son or daughter. Empaths feel cancelled and unable to speak out. If that is you, I see you. And it is not okay.

Being labelled is disempowering. Even the word “empath” could be seen as a label, but for me, it depends on how you wear it. It doesn’t have to be fear-filled. The nasty labels I mentioned already are so filled with fear they are designed to shut us down. Cancel culture shuts people down.

Belief in God/ faith in Spirit or the Universe is not spiritual bypassing. In fact I think the opposite is true. And I feel shut down if I am not able to say it without being attacked. So I have stopped saying it, and that is not okay.

If I was in a room with one of these “experts” perhaps there would be a chance of them listening because they couldn’t walk away so easily. But they can drop their fear bombs and walk away from social media, and me the empath is left feeling it. That is not okay.

Awareness is key. Engage directly with fear and you will take a hit for it. Rise above it and you will get relief. Like someone said, people can only understand things from their level of perception.

So when you feel the need to speak out, please speak put. But engage at the level of energy you are comfortable with. And speak in a way that is clear not confrontational. Say less than you want to say but make it impactful. And give them time to absorb it. To react to it. Because you speak truth and they don’t want to hear it, because it may make them own something they don’t want to own yet. And it will be difficult. But it is not okay to feel like you must stay silent from fear. ❤️


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