I’m a healer, but I’m not all love and light. Those of you that know me know this is true. I recently read a poem about healers, that they should have no opinions because their role here is to just channel love. Well, I’m human too, and if I was to aspire to be that type of healer I would fail many times over.

I have a ton of opinions, I don’t always share them. I get angry, just like anyone does, and some things overwhelm me. Like the evil that is being revealed at the moment from the Catholic Church scandal in Ireland of the Mother and Baby homes.

In Ireland we have sacred sites. Some of my favourite places are standing stones that are filled with power, cairns and tombs that are portals to other dimensions. It always broke my heart when the church came and took the power for itself, to disempower the people and make a claim on the land. I remember being on a trip to Italy when I was quite young, even before I began working with Spirit, I could feel the pain of the rape of the land. I lamented and cried when I visited the ruins; I was so angry at the Vatican for taking the sacred holy marble from the temples and making it their own.

For me, the church has always been a way to control people, a way to place a block between you and God. It helps itself to power to prevent people from being powerful. The church has also always been terrified of women; women are creators, their wombs are magical universes through which life emerges. Even I as a mother of 4 still marvel when I look at my children, as to how they actually came out of my body. Women are powerful, and their power has been stripped away by these patriarchies for the same reason they stripped the marble from the temple. There is power here, power they are afraid of, so they must destroy it or make a claim over it.

I’m currently recording an energy healing practitioner course and my opening line is this “I don’t understand how all of this works”. Now, that seems to be a statement which would take away my credibility, but frankly I don’t care, because I think the longer we are here, the more that we become ourselves, the more able we are to see the truth. And that is, we truly, know nothing. The more we say we know, the more arrogant we become. That is a kind of an evil too. This is sometimes why I chose not to voice opinions, rather I choose to sit back and watch it all unfold, just to understand it more.

If life is an experiment and each of us a shard of God experiencing this world in our own unique way so that God can experience through us the culmination of all experiences, then so be it. But I say hand on heart, evil does exist, and there is a fine line between allowing it to perpetuate as part of the experience of life, and getting up off of your arse and doing something about it.

What happened in the Mother and Baby homes was pure evil. There is no way around it. As a healer and a sensitive I get overwhelmed when I tap into wellsprings of intense, immense pain, and I admit that there’s so much pain right now, I chose deliberately not to do so. However I want to make my voice clear, and be heard, and I want to encourage you to do the same, even if you’re not quite ready yet. We need all the voices to speak. Especially now. In this time of censorship and mis-information, where they are shutting us down before we even begin.

I’m appalled at Twitter’s action to shut down so many accounts from it’s platform, this shows that we do not have a platform for free speech that we thought we did. Facebook’s urgency to remove things that go against the mainstream narrative, and “fact checkers” that are deciding which “facts” are approved by the people with the money. This is not acceptable. And also evil. We are in an information war. In this pandemic we cannot get solid, trustworthy facts that are dependable, actual facts that satisfy our need to understand the risk, so we can lower our stress response and get on with our lives. Therefore we are constantly living in a constant high levels of fear and stress which drain us and make us sick. We are also being shut down, we are not allowed talk, have an opinion, discuss things openly and change our minds with out being attacked. The fear has infiltrated our families, we are falling away from people we love because we can no longer have a conversation with them. We do not feel safe to express ourselves. And with the lockdown we are being further oppressed – we cannot go to the forest or the sea if it is further from our home than 5 km so we can breathe the air and fill our souls with the essence of life that we need, to be empowered.

This is pure disempowerment. Can you see it? And we cannot live like this any more. This world has got to crack open and break in order to heal. And it will, it’s in all of the astrological forecasts. No matter who you read, it’s there, in plain sight. It’s happening before our eyes, and we cannot sit back and wait any more. We have to take our power back. We cannot stay silent in the face of evil.

Imagine a neighbourhood where everyone looks after their own gardens, does the weeding, takes pride in their home and repairs it and makes it solid and strong. Imagine when, this work is done, the people help those who are unable to repair theirs too, so that the whole block, town, city, state, country is in good shape. This is where it starts. This, is really all you can do. It starts in your own back yard.

And while this cracking open of the world is happening, we must look after ourselves. So mind yourself. Some of the wounding that is coming up may trigger you, and some of it may not. Mind yourself. You are important, and you cannot fix everything, and you did not do all of the damage that’s now being revealed, but if you have done damage, then fix that. If there is wounding in you that you can heal, then heal that.

Healing, real healing, is not love and light. It’s blood and vomit on the floor, it’s excruciating pain and agony, but from that also comes birth. The birth of something new. This is our opportunity to create the world we want to see. Because good exists too, and you get a choice – good, or evil. So make community, reach out and ask for help, reach out and offer your help. Do your work, get support. And mind yourself. More than ever, it’s so important.

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