Repeating the same thing over and over again does not make it true.

Like water dripping on a rock, it can wear you down listening to the same untruth over and over again. It almost makes you want to believe it so it will just stop and leave you alone. I see this tactic used frequently, particularly at the moment.

I saw something written on social media last night, it’s one of those slogans that has been used by many, repeatedly, it has a hashtag, and is claiming to be stating a ‘truth’. But the essence of what it is saying is simply not true. I showed it to my husband who said “What a load of rubbish!!” But he didn’t seem agitated by it, he laughed at it and said “Whomever wants to believe that, let them have it.” I wish I could have let it go as easily as he.

We are splitting down the middle. What is true for you? And what is the truth anyway? We could start with that… We could take the attitude that “In my world this is true, in your world the other is true, so let us live separately, but also in harmony and respect towards each other.”  But those who cling so tightly to their truth defend their position with unnatural zeal, defaming and pointing the finger at those who say “but the opposite is true” to the point of destroying lives. Lives have been destroyed in the spirit of staying asleep to the other. And the split widens and deepens and continues. And we can no longer have a conversation about it.

I wish I could walk away and pretend this is not happening, but it is. People so adamant that they are correct they can no longer see the humanity of the person that disagrees with them. Cognitive dissonance is defined as: psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously (Merriam Webster) and I believe that this is at the heart of anyone who is willing to hurt someone to defend what they believe in. Their inward struggle projected outwards, it is easier to blame someone else than to look at yourself.

I see the difficult truth and honour it, and sit with it. Being in alignment means harmony within, which is the opposite of dissonance. I do not ask myself how do I live with myself because I live in harmony with myself. I must ask, how do I live with the dissonance in the collective? How do I preserve my sanity around it? These questions are what I ask myself now, instead of asking myself “How do I change what is being said?” or “How do I convince people that they are wrong?” I stopped trying to convince people a long time ago. It’s next to impossible to smash down massive walls based on a foundation of fear, and it can break you apart if you keep trying to do it. Who knows what is wrong or right any more anyway.

Healing is about letting go of what is not true, this includes the lies you tell yourself about yourself, and the world around you. Healing is accepting what is difficult, but also true, and bringing love, kindness and compassion into that. Healing is about accepting all of the parts of you, even those that are worn down buy the constant barrage of noise, of lies, those parts of you that want to believe something because it is easier. Even in use of affirmations, I always tell people to choose the one that is true for you on a scale from “I love myself” to “I’m okay being me” to “I will learn how to love myself more” because saying “I love myself” when you are not feeling it creates that gap, that struggle inside. It causes cognitive dissonance.

We don’t move in a straight line, we move in fits and starts, sometimes it feels like we go backwards to go further forwards. Healing doesn’t fit our expectations. And that’s okay too. You have a choice how far to go with your healing work, and some people go further than others. Just as you have a choice to be in harmony, or to carry dissonance.

As a healer I must vibrate at the highest frequency that I can, and be completely in harmony with all of the aspects of myself so that I can offer a healing vibration to others. This is true for all healers. This is why it is a vocation. Our Soul has no time for what is convenient. I am always moving towards truth. This is part of the process, part of the work.

As I write this I realise that our energy levels dictate how much dissonance and disharmony we can tolerate. So I thank you for the opportunity to put my thoughts down clearly. Another question I can now ask is this – How much space do we have for people who choose not to heal, not to seek the light?

I take the learning and my agitation becomes not a reaction to the other, but a signal to me that I am depleted and need to look after my energy levels. A flag to show me that I must take more space and time to rest and disconnect from the collective. I can do this and not get agitated with the people who are clinging on, I can better accept that we are all doing the best we can with what we have. I do believe that, most of the time anyway 🤔 🙂.

There is always learning to be had, when one is on the healing path of truth. It is never boring! And the world is in need of healing, now more than ever. I learned a long time ago that we cannot heal the world, we can only heal ourselves. Start there. I know I will.