The truth is being obscured. Snippets of it are being released to keep you searching for more. To keep you hungry. To keep you on the edge. But you know what? You already know the truth. In your heart. We need space to get our heads around it. And we need time to grieve because it’s a difficult truth.
We need time to reorient ourselves in a world where horrific things are happening right before our eyes. We can’t deny them any longer. We ask ourselves how do we live now? What changes in our own lives because of this?
But what we need to be asking right now is can we be still and process what is going on? Can we hold the frequency of love while we speak our truth?
We can’t fix it all and it’s all too soon. We need time and we rush to do everything too quickly. From my One Day at a Time Diary for August: “When I slow down and come into the present moment, I see the beauty that has always been here.”
“The next few months are likely to be turbulent on the 3D level….. We are moving into an age which is much more heart-based in 5D……. ..when we can drop into coherent energy through feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation, peace or joy, our heart field expands significantly……Leo stands for courage; think of its symbol of the lion. It is a Fixed sign, so we are being asked at this time to stand in our strength, power, courage, sovereignty and conviction. Stand tall and send out love. This is hero energy, never victim.” Pam Gregory
I’ve been on sabbatical from client work to work on my books and I have been slowed down by the current energies, and by my response/reaction to what has been going on in the world. I know where I stand, and if you’ve been following me, or know me, you do too. So I am changing tack for August, to make the most of this month, as I want to be able to see clients in September.
I will be posting on Abby’s Energy Healing Page and @abbynrghealing on Instagram, and in my telegram profile or in Abby’s Online Group Healing Sessions. It won’t necessarily be every day. I will continue to send my weekly energy tips emails (you can sign up on and I will be facilitating my online group healing session on August 25th. That’s it! I am stepping away from everything else.
This is my advice for you for this month – slow down, disconnect, breathe, connect to nature, connect to your heart. More people are awakening. Have faith that the truth will come to light. Look after your personal energy field and hold the vibration of love, become the frequency of grace. And if that means stepping away from social media, main stream media, arguments, having your say, then do it. Your mental health is key, as is your emotional and spiritual health. But if you need to have your say, then do that too, without expectation, because, as Pam Gregory says, fixed signs mean fixed ideas and when people become even more fixed in their ideas they may not want to hear you.
Conserve your energy. Look after your self. There are people who feel the same as you do, you are not alone. There is no need to fall down a rabbit hole, the truth is gaining traction. Hold the frequency.
If you need a dose of healing energy from me, there are replays and recorded healing sessions available on, and I’m still offering distance healing through my Healing Circle. I believe the audiobook version of “Energy Healing” will be available this month, and there are 27 episodes of Healing for Healers podcast that you can enjoy.