What do you do when you’ve got no energy left? When you really want to believe that it’s going to be over soon, but deep down inside you know it won’t be?

Play jazz. Loud.
Go for a walk.
Paint a picture.
Meet a friend, actually meet them, face to face, for a catch up. A proper one, where you talk about real things, not just roads and weather.
Listen to a podcast about a poem that you never understood.
Look your dog in the eye and forgive him for everything.
Hold your children tight and kiss them all over their faces.
Buy takeaway for dinner. More than once.
Drink wine.
Watch shitty tv. But not the news.
Don’t make yourself feel guilty for not doing the thing you said you were going to do.
Don’t talk to your family if you don’t feel like it or don’t want to.
Get in your car and drive somewhere beautiful.
Spend an hour looking at a flower.
Plant some seeds.
Don’t try to make them understand.
Buy a book about something that you’ve always wanted to learn. And maybe you will read it.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by angels, then open your heart to them and feel them there, really, really feel them, and know you are not alone.
Hold a crystal in your hand and give it all the tension you’re carrying.
Drink hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.
Play computer games.
Scream at God and throw stones.
Have a hot bath.
Book a massage and turn up and pay attention to their hands on your body then give them a big tip if they were good.
Get your nails done.
Try a hair treatment.
Get Reiki.
Drink tea.

All of these things you can do.
So go do them, or others similar.
But above all, don’t forget to breathe.
pull yourself into yourself,
draw yourself down and deeply into your body,
that body that’s working so hard for you, yes that one, the one that you think you dislike most of the time. It’s waiting for your love. Give it some. It will thank you for it.

Remember who you are.

Shine outwards, shine your light. Be yourself completely.
Don’t apologise for that.
Don’t hide yourself any more.
We need you now, it’s time.
You have waited many lifetimes for this moment.
And now it’s here.

Say out loud:
I claim my space in the world
I am worthy
I forgive myself completely
I give myself permission to shine

And then do it.
Become the lighthouse.

Grow taller.
Expand outwards
Take up that space that is your birthright.
Root rocky foundations deep into Earth,
stretch arms out wide and touch the sky,
touch other planets,
touch yourself,
your heart.

Don’t worry about being disliked. You already are.
Don’t worry about being liked, you already are.
You will never please all of them, so stop trying to.

And you will find,
over a few days,
your energy levels will increase,
because you have come home to yourself.
Nobody can send you away,
except for you, of course.
So from this day forward promise yourself,
you will never, EVER, do that to yourself again.

And as the lighthouse, you are a beacon in the dark.
You shine.
This is what you were made for and you know it.

Turn on and shine on. Now.

And know your light reaches others who shine alongside you,
and they shine all the brighter because you shine with them.
And you shine brighter because of them.
We amplify.
You cannot save the world but you can help us create a new one.
Those that want the light will be drawn to it,
You don’t need to go running in.
Just keep your spine strong, stand tall,
connect to the skies and draw down the light
and shine it outwards.
That’s it.

It’s there for all who want it.
There’s enough love for everyone.
And we offer it to those that come with the full generosity of our hearts.
And we will grieve for the rest.

We will grieve. We grieve now.
We are grieving.
(That’s why we’re so depleted.)
Treat yourself as if you were grieving and you will feel an immediate shift.
Yes, that’s it. There you go. Now you understand.

So to answer your question, no child, it isn’t over, not yet.
Hush now child, I see you. And I love you. And you are so, so loved.
It is okay to grieve. To cry. To sleep. To stare at the wall for an afternoon.
It’s what you need to do for now, and that’s okay.
And more important than you realise.
Gather your strength,
and one day, very soon, you’ll feel able to do the things I suggest,
and you will remember and straighten up and stand tall and claim your space
and hold the frequency with us.

And together, we will stand in the light of love,
and dream the new world into being.

Karl Shakur N