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When you're ready, with me as the catalyst, miracles happen.

I am available for sessions on a limited basis

Fill out my contact form below and I will get in touch with you as soon as I am able. I ask that you read “Things you need to know before booking a session with me” before you write in, so you are aware of what to expect.

You can also purchase downloadable pre-recorded healing sessions from my shop on Abby’s Academy, or a pure energy healing session from here, if you need something now.

“I worked with Abby over the phone, we had a 30 minute heal one thing session and it changed my life. It’s profound. Highly recommended.” JD, Finland

One to One Energy Healing Sessions with Abby Wynne

“Not only did Abby help me with what was going on for me, she also gave me solid and practical things to do after our session so I could make the healing stick. If you’re ready to change your life, I highly recommend a session with Abby.” C.K., USA

I don’t believe that you need to relive a situation or a trauma in order to heal it. I also don’t believe that doing the work in your mind is doing your inner work. You can know everything there is to know about your issue, and still be carrying the energy of it. This is where I come in – I help you release what is out of alignment with your thoughts, I help you connect to your emotions and see what you’ve been missing there, and your Soul tells me things you need to know to heal, so you can be whole again. It’s true, the Soul longs for wholeness, when you are lacking joy, feeling small in your life, or exhausted from the daily struggle, then this is the work you need to do.

I meet you where you are right now, in this moment, with whatever it is that you are holding onto. This is where we start from. By releasing your power from the people and places you gave it to, you then have power to be strong enough to look at, validate and let go of trauma from your field. We go at your pace, and take all of the aspects of you into consideration at every turn.

Each session with me is unique because you are unique in every moment. Do get in touch if you’re ready for change so we can make an arrangement to talk together. 

How I work in a One to One Energy Healing Session

We meet in my ZOOM room online, so you can work with me from the comfort of your own home. Have a notebook and pen at the ready, and show me everything. Let me see all the parts of you that are aching, tell me your hopes and dreams, and let’s see together what is in the way and how to clear it.  Weaving  Shamanism with psychotherapy and a bit of magic too, I connect with you and open up a space for profound healing. You can feel your wounds transform, let lightness and joy in, feel the pieces of your soul coming back home to you, if you’re ready to. You will have to do some work after the session to maintain and stay in balance. The more you show me, the more we can release, so if you let me, I can open the pathway for you to feel whole again. 

You don’t need to worry about the “how”, that is my job. All you need to do is choose what it is you want to heal, give yourself permission to let go of pain and to step into a new way of being. And if letting go and opening up is your block, then tell me  and we can work on that too. Together, when we combine your intention your permission and my capacity for healing, something magical always happens.

“Abby, I just want to thank you for that deep and incredible healing session that we had. I can’t believe how powerful it was, your work is gentle and loving and I am very grateful. Lots of love to you.” BH, USA

I have too many testimonials to choose from about the efficacy of a healing session with me, they overwhelm me, whatever about you! I prefer to ask you to simply check in with your own inner guidance system, ask yourself if you’re ready to heal, and if you want me to help you do it.

Please note – These are spiritual healing sessions, I do not give psychic readings, nor can I give you advice. I can however, clear your energy so you can gain clarity and listen to your own inner wisdom.



You need to have a level of balance and stability in your life to go deep with me.

I'm not an ordinary therapist - see me as a 'catalyst' for your situation. I'm like a surgeon, I get in, see what's wrong, heal or fix it and get out again. We do as much as we can with the time that we have together. I will never leave you without a path or direction to move forward.

Don't book a one to one session because you're in crisis as I won't be able to help you release the core issue, all I will be able to do is help you stabilise yourself. I have pre-recorded healing sessions that you can use to help hold you until you are in balance. I also have meditations for relaxation, empowerment and to raise your energy vibration on SoundCloud. I also have an "Anxiety Playbook" on my academy website which is free, and can help you clear what is blocking you in preparation for a session with me.

You need to have already done some work on yourself. If you have already done therapy around an issue, or spent time thinking about what you would like to heal, it speeds up the process.  We can go deep and clear what is out of balance in your energy field, so you can move on to the next phase of your growth.

I go straight to the heart of the matter - I talk to your energy field as well as your mind, sometimes it can be difficult to hear what it has to say, especially if you've been hiding things from yourself.

Nothing is guaranteed - What your mind wants and what your energy needs are not always the same thing;  you may book in with me wanting to heal a specific issue and something else may come up instead. We can only work with what presents itself to us in the session, and Divine timing and our timing is not always in synch. Sometimes you may need to sit longer with an issue than you are comfortable with as you have not gleaned all of the learning from it.

Do not book a session for anyone else because they may not be ready for it. People need to be familiar with my way of working and feel ready for the depth of transformation which occurs in a session with me.

I need to connect with you before a session, to see if we are a good fit. Please fill out the form below if you wish to have an appointment with me.

I do not work with everyone, and sometimes I will prescribe a self-paced programme that you can take in your own time, or I may ask you to purchase distance energy healing sessions in advance or instead of of meeting face to face on Zoom.


Healing is letting go of everything that is not you,
so you can free yourself to be who you are completely.

If you would like to book a session with me please fill out the form below.

All my sessions are currently one hour long, online, on zoom. My session fee is €160.

This web form goes directly to a private email account and is not seen by anyone else.

I cannot give readings or offer advice over the email so just a few lines about what you're looking for is all that I need. I will respond as soon as I am able.

I will never pass your name or details onto a third party.


If you need energetic help right away, you can order an instant pure energy distance healing session for just €20. Each session lasts for 24 hours and you can choose if it’s for energy clearing, emotional or physical healing, or to raise your vibration. Sometimes a series of distance clearing sessions can clear the issue, for example, you can order 3 sessions over 3 days.

I work with the person who is ready to heal, not with the issue itself.

I believe the more we pay attention to something, the more we feed it with our energy. We need to learn how to feed vibrant health and not an illness or a diagnosis. However having said that, I have helped many people successfully manage or heal the issues listed below. I can help you too, if you’re willing to do the work.


Panic Attacks
Anxiety Attacks
Low Level Continuous Anxiety
Feelings of overwhelm
Loss of hope for life
Suicidal thoughts
Apathy and lack of motivation
Mindfulness and quality of presence in the moment


Creating and maintaining good strong boundaries
Imbalance of power
Parenting and couple relationships
Toxic Relationships
Communication issues

Spiritual Issues

Spiritual Growth and Development
Energy healing and cleansing Soul Retrieval
Cutting energy cords
Energetic extractions
Karmic and vow cleansing
Ancestral healing
Past life healing
Release of energetic patterns
Re-working Sacred Contracts


Spiritual Guideance
Life Coaching
Grow your therapy practice
Duty of care for therapy practitioners
Healing for the healer
Listening skills for non-counsellors
Social media/website development
Write and publish your book

What to Expect from a One To One Energy Healing Session with Abby Wynne

“OMG Abby! Finally someone has said what I’ve waited 40 years to hear. I don’t have to try to save the world, all the struggles, physical and emotional issues and mental health problems that I’ve suffered with – for the first time I feel like it’s okay for me to be who I am. The relief is profound. Thanks to you, I know what to do to look after myself for a change. So grateful to you” CW, USA

All sessions are face to face online, over Zoom. We talk together, we do the work energetically through our connection with each other. You may feel emotional depending on what it is you are working on. I recommend you have your feet flat on the ground, and a quiet space where you feel safe to talk, and tissues and a drink on hand should you require it. I also recommend that you leave at least 20 minutes after a session with me so you can have the time to come into balance with it, to let the energies settle, to really come back to this reality.

I do not ask that you sign up for a certain number of sessions.  Sometimes one or two sessions can be enough to shift even major issues, if you’re read to let them go. You fill out a form when you book, the more information you can give to me the quicker we can get to the core of your issue. I also recommend you read some of my articles or my books so you get a good sense of who I am and how I think. The more you can trust me, the more you unfold, the deeper I can go.

Know this: I do not want anything from you.

I put no hooks into you to come back and be a perpetual client. I have no need of your custom, you are completely free to do as you wish. I have no invested interest in you, yet I am here to provide a safe space and to guide you on your healing process. My wish is that more and more people become empowered to be who they are, to shine their lights brightly, to light up the world. That’s why I am here to help you do just that.

We move completely at your pace, if you’re not ready for something, that’s ok, we can look at what is in the way and work towards it. Read my notes on Permission and Intention if you want to understand possible blocks to your own healing process. If you want to know more about the techniques that I use, read my notes on How I work.

Sessions with me can feel like we transcend time and space. We go into another dimension as we both step into your energy field and transform what is in the way of your growth, release what is making you ill, bring balance back to the imbalance. This realm is magical, working with the beings of light on my healing team, and on yours. Sometimes I meet with people for the first time and it feels like we have already met in some other time and space. Hence the potential for what we can accomplish is vast.

When we finish working with your energetic body, we come back into this present moment and look at your thought patterns, how they have been affected by what is going on, and how you can actively shift them to support you in a healthy way. I am here to help you shift into vibrant health, energetically, physically, mentally and energetically.

After each session I make sure you are completely happy with what we discussed, I offer you ways to embody the healing that has taken place, I make sure that you know what you have to do (if anything) and that you are feeling fully grounded and ready to face the world outside.

When transformation and energy shift happens in a session, clients say they feel bigger, lighter, brighter, more in touch with themselves, more connected to life. Some clients feel more powerful, some feel grounded, some feel like they are “back” in their body for the first time in a very long time. All say they feel better.

Please note: Healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine, if you have a physical complaint or are feeling ill, please visit your doctor.

“Dear Abby, I just wanted to let you know that deep and powerful healing has been happening within me since our session last week. It’s so deep and on levels that I believe only you had the power to reach. I know that actually for a fact because I have spent many years in counselling and seekin gout many different therapists and healers, but never getting to that level that I needed. You have a gift of being able to get to the point without going around in circles in a very direct but loving way. I just want to say how deeply and truly grateful I am for you and I feel totally blessed to have been touched by you.” TP, USA

There are no guarantees when it comes to energy healing – whatever is ready to heal will heal. And if now is not the time, there are greater powers at work than just you or I. Know what it is that you don’t want in your life, I can teach you how to manage it. This is about improving the quality of your life, of your presence, of your ability to be in the present moment. To shine your light and to be who you truly are. Sometimes, just setting your intention to heal with someone like me as a witness can set a cascade of events in motion to bring you further down your road to wellness.

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