Email Mini-Sessions

Healing, guidance and a message from your Soul.
When you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, caught in a bind or if you’re even in physical pain, instant help is right here.  With my email mini-sessions you receive distance energetic healing plus an energy reading for ONE ISSUE direct to your Inbox. It can take 3-5 days to receive your email reply, but the energy healing starts the minute you order a session.

I can connect to your energy, no matter where you are, and send you healing for One Issue. You will receive from me an energy report and a message from your soul, with guidance and loving advice for you to help you on your journey.

  • If you’re feeling pressure from emotional pain and want to release it
  • If you want to feel loving energies wrapped around you to support you
  • If you need help and guidance with an issue you feel stuck with
  • If you want to recieve a message from your soul

All you need to do is order your session and fill in a form letting me know what the issue is that you wish to be healed.

“Yesterday I went from hardly wanting to move to telling my husband that I felt much better and I was able to go run some errands.” 

“I felt better about 20minutes before I got your email – I had a feeling it was my healing from you! Thank you so much!”
RF, Ireland

“Thank you so much for this, you got it you’re spot on – I knew you would be!! “

Terms and Conditions for Email Mini-Sessions

  • It may take 3-5 days to receive an email response (but you will receive your PayPal receipt right away)
  • You cannot buy these sessions for someone else without their knowledge and permission
  • These sessions are not a substitute for traditional medicine
  • What I write about is what I see/feel/know at the time of the session and may change depending on what has been healed

Please Note my Email Mini-Session Boundaries

  • I cannot get into a back-and-forth email conversation with you, however I will welcome questions if you don’t understand what I have said to you
  • I will focus on the issue you have asked for, if you want to expand on the subject or receive healing for something else you may be able to buy a second session depending on availability
  • I may not be able to respond to any questions right away, your patience is appreciated

Session fee: €30 | £25.50 Sterling | $31 USD | $41 CAD | $43 AUS

Currency conversion is approximate – PayPal will do the currency conversion for you at today’s rate.

Within 3-5 days of receiving your order, I will tune into your unique energy field, clear any heavy energies you may be holding onto, repair and heal any energetic damage that may be keeping you stuck in your life and cleanse and balance your energy centres. I will then write you an email report with specific guidance as to what you can do to keep your energy clear and healthy. You might prefer instant pure energy healing – then click here to order.

PayPal Email Mini Session

  • Distance healing for a specific issue
  • Email response with information around what I have learned, including any messages for you from your soul.

Stripe Payment for Mini Session

  • email mini sessions

    Email Mini Session


Testimonials for my Email Mini-Sessions

Hi Abby,  Thank you, thank you!!! No fooling, I could tell when you sent the healing.  I have not felt that good & refreshed in quite a while.  I also appreciate the additional information, it is spot on.  Just what I need to know at this time. Joan, USA
“Oh my gosh, Abby, THANK YOU! I have truly felt a shift in my energy, like an enormous weight has been lifted!” Maria, Canada
“Wow – THANK YOU!!!!! That was an incredible experience, I am feeling self empowering sensations and that is truly priceless.” Rosanna, France
“I loved it very much. I understood what you said. No questions about it. I will do the work you suggested. I will require more sessions like that, since I loved it and I need it.” Stephanie, Mexico
“I feel like I couldn’t have gotten through the last few months without Abby’s energetic support. Not only did I feel the energies come in to hold me right away, but I felt a lifting of my anxiety too. The best bit was Abby’s email, she was able to tell me exactly what I needed so that I felt reassured. I feel able to stand on my two feet now, and even happier knowing that Abby’s here if I need her again Cynthia, U.K.

I have healing sessions on Mp3!

Do come visit my shop and have a look at what else I have to offer you to help you on your healing journey.

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  • email mini sessions

    Email Mini Session

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