Thank you for purchasing an Email Mini-Session!

In order to ensure that I can continue to offer these sessions it is important to make sure you have read the terms and conditions, and the email boundaries. I’ve listed them here again below just to make sure!


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Please know that your issue will be coming directly to me, so everything you write in this form is confidential. As you write, feel yourself handing it all over to Spirit to look after for you. Your healing process begins right here.

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Reminder of the Terms and Conditions:

  • It may take 3-5 days to receive an email response (but you will receive your PayPal receipt right away)
  • You cannot buy these sessions for someone else without their knowledge and permission
  • These sessions are not a substitute for traditional medicine
  • What I write about is what I see/feel/know at the time of the session and may change depending on what has been healed
  • I reserve the right to withhold the healing and refund you the money with no explanation if it is for the highest good of all

Email Mini-Session Boundaries:

  • I cannot get into a back-and-forth email conversation with you, however I will welcome questions if you don’t understand what I have said to you
  • I will focus on the issue you have asked for, if you want to expand on the subject or receive healing for something else you may be able to buy a second session depending on availability
  • I may not be able to respond to any questions right away, your patience is appreciated


Sending blessings to you. I will be in touch soon.

While you are waiting for my reply, do feel free to visit my shop for more guided healing meditations, pre-recorded healing sessions and healing jewellery!

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