Why do we need to spend time in Meditation?

Sometimes there is so much going on in our minds it is difficult to get peace. Meditations are a great way to help us stop, breathe, and ground ourselves so that we can disconnect from the drama around us, and get back in connection with our inner strength. From this space, we can approach problems more effectively and make better decisions.

Energy flows where Attention Goes.

Meditation allows you to take your attention away from your thoughts. By channelling our energy away from thought processes that seem to be out of our control, we gain back control of our bodies. This, ironically, allows us to think more clearly and to become more rational.

Affirmations are Medicine for the Soul

affirmationTo maintain healthy thought patterns, we may need to remind ourselves that we are doing ok, that we deserve to be happy, and that sometimes things just are the way they are. Affirmations are a wonderful way of doing this. When you say an affirmation and mean it, it’s as if you’re swallowing the frequency of the energy of those words, and it travels into your very core, helping you shift out of low and heavy vibrations. The most powerful affirmation is one that you can create yourself, to hold you in a space of strength and balance.

It’s not enough to say an affirmation, you have to feel it, believe it, resonate with it, let it in like medicine. If you would like to learn more, read my blog posts “Words Matter” or “Affirmations to Change your Vibration”.

Why use Meditation and Affirmations in Session?

During a healing session we may use meditations/affirmations to calm and control thought patterns, and affirmations to ground and centre you in your body. This enables you to focus your energy on what is real, and what matters.

Affirmations may be “prescribed” to you as medicine to take while outside of session so you can maintain a higher vibration.

You can learn these techniques in session with me and then continue to use them in your daily life. They can prevent panic attacks, reduce stress and allow you to find a new way to relax and be with yourself. There are several meditations currently available to buy from me right here on the website – click here to find out more