Online Group Healing Sessions

Every month I invite you to join me for an online group healing session.

There is a different theme or topic each time. I will give context for each theme, answer questions, open up a healing space. Then we go deep. It is €12 per person. Healing is affordable.
I hope you can join me.

Next session: Increasing Faith and Trust
May 27th at 3pm Irish time with replay for all


These sessions are for the times we are in. We are being pushed to the wall,  here, now, we have no choice:  continue our old ways and be left behind, or change and grow and step into our fullest potential. This is not a rehearsal. Your best life starts right now.

When you go about your day to day life and do not clear and cleanse your energy you pick up particles and debris, a little bit like a house that has not been cleaned or dusted. However when these items impact your energy field they impact your body, your emotions and your thoughts too. As you can see from the image, if you leave your energy field uncleansed then over time it can become damaged, which allows for infiltration by lower level energies, physical illness and lack of zest for life.

In this session I will cleanse and clear the energy fields of all participants. This will include removal of all fear based manipulative energies. I will help you disconnect from the collective and reconnect to your hearts and souls. We will then look at the question of trust and faith and what it means to be spiritual living in these times. We will look at ways to connect to a deeper sense of trust and knowing that we are loved and taken care of.

May 27th, 3pm Irish Time – EVERYONE THAT SIGNS UP GETS A RECORDED REPLAY. THE HEALING IS IN MY VOICE.  Entry is FREE for Abby’s Healing Circle Flower and Tree members – find out more here:

Increasing Faith and Trust

Online Group Healing Session
May 27th at 3pm Irish Time on Abby’s Online Academy.
Only €12 with recorded replay for all.

Healing Bundle

Access to our monthly group healing session PLUS an instant boost of healing for you as soon as you order.
Only €28 (save €4)

About Abby’s Online Group Healing Sessions

This is an energy clearing session and everyone is welcome. Whether you’ve just discovered energy healing, or have been working with healing for years, you can take part – no previous trainings or previous sessions with me are required. I will talk you through everything and everyone will get what they need based on the level where they are. All you need is a desire to lift your energy, to change something in your life for the better, and your own permission to receive the healing.

You will get the replay to listen to as often as you wish, and the healing becomes amplified when you do this. I encourage you to replay this often, so that you learn how to shed the energy blocks and the limiting beliefs that you have created and the ones that have been created by your life experiences, so you can be the best and highest vibration of energy that you can possibly be. Hope to see you in session!

The webinar will be recorded so you can play it later if you are not able to be present for the live webinar. You will also receive an audio only downloadable file after the webinar so you can play it as often as you wish.  You will need to create an account with Abby’s Online Academy to access the session, you will be guided how to do this as part of your registration process.

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You can listen to the session replays while you wait for the next session!

All the healing is in the audio file, it’s a powerful experience!
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