Pure Energy Distance Healing

An instant boost, just when you need one.

Sometimes you don’t want to talk about it, you just want to feel better. My Pure Energy Distance Healing Sessions are designed to work instantly and get straight to the heart of the issue. Once you order a session from me, I connect to you and send the healing to you right away.

I can connect to your energy, no matter where you are,
and send you pure distance energy healing for many different issues.

Order a Pure Energy Distance Healing session if

  • you feel you have picked up energy from someone else
  • you want to release pressure from emotional pain
  • you want to feel supported by loving energies wrapped around you
  • you need a boost of energy
  • you want to clear blocks in your path to manifesting something

All you need to do is order your session and the energies will be sent to you immediately. I will send you a confirmation email to validate that pure distance energy healing has been sent.

All healing sessions last 24 hours.

“I felt held, I felt lifted, and almost immediately I felt calmer. Knowing you’re here and I can order this anytime has also given me a sense of confidence that I will always be supported. Thank you for this great gift” B., USA

Session fee: €20 | £17 Sterling | $22 USD | $30 CAD | $32 AUS

Currency conversion is approximate - PayPal will do the currency conversion for you at today's rate.

PayPal: Use the pulldown menu to choose what you want healing for, add your full name, and then choose "Buy Now". Healing will be sent to you as soon as the order goes through.

STRIPE: Click the image and you can then choose what you want the healing for, and add it to cart. You will be brought to my checkout and you can pay with your credit card.

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Terms and Conditions for Pure Energy Distance Healing

  • You will receive the healing straight away 
  • I will send you a confirmation email once I am aware the healing has been sent (please allow for timezone conversions – the healing will come to you as soon as you order it and the confirmation email will come as soon as I am aware you have ordered it!)
  • You cannot buy these sessions for someone else without their knowledge and permission, if you have their permission you can use their name in the “your full name” box
  • These sessions are not a substitute for traditional medicine

Please Note my Pure Energetic Healing Boundaries

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