5 Days to Raise your Vibration

An online self-paced healing programme

Do you want to feel better?

All you need to do is listen to one 30 minute audio file per day, for 5 days in a row. The healing is in my voice. Just take the time, sit back, relax and let it in. Perfect for when you’re taking a few days off in the sun, or taking a break in a busy schedule to top up your energy levels.

Do you feel heavy and weighed down by life? Or do you feel so tired that you want something to change, but you don’t know where to start? If you don’t want to talk about what’s going on for you but you know you need something to change, or if you’re just feeling stuck in your life and don’t know how to move forward, then this online healing programme is for you.

I have just done day 1 and wow, amazing, so beautiful and I can’t believe how much brighter and clear and peaceful I feel after this. My dog is beside me actually smiling with belly in the air in full receiving mode. My housemate purchased it today as well and she told me she felt so much better after it too! Abby you are a magic worker! Best money I ever spent! I can’t wait to do it again and for the next 4 days to come!” S C, Ireland

We are made of Energy

When we are not happy in our lives, or not feeling good in our bodies, we work to improve our lives and our bodies. Things may change for the better for a while, but over time, they can go back to the way they were. You can spend a lot of your time, focus and attention putting these aspects of yourself to rights, to little avail.

I have found that what shows up in our lives is created in the energetic realms first. In order to see profound change in all of the aspects of our lives, healing the energetic part of us can be the most effective thing that we can ever do. Emotions have a vibration, a weight, a speed, and they can slow you down or lift you up. See the diagrams below to discover which emotions are high vibration, and which are not!

When you unblock the flow of your life force energy and increase it’s quality, your inner light shines brighter and you can attract more love, joy, peace, contentment and happiness in. A healthy flowing body heals itself, releases stress, tension and illness, and becomes vibrant and soft. Tension comes from trapped memories, unhealthy connections in your relationships, ancestral patterns, past life wounding and the holding of difficult emotions. If you’re the type of person that helps other people, you possibly are holding solidified emotions of grief, shame, guilt, anger, resentment that may not even be yours. These are the types of things that blocks your natural flow in your body, and these are the types of things that this programme can help you release.

The beauty of this programme…

Without even needing to know what it is you’re releasing, without having to re-live any trauma, remember any events, you can simply let go of the blocks to your energy flow by listening to the audio tracks in this programme. Even while listening to the very first track you will experience the effects on your overall energy right away. It is as if the healing imbued in these audio files gives your body permission to relax and release the tension, when you couldn’t do it yourself. Over time and with repeated listening, you may notice a difference in your overall outlook upon life, your life situation and what you are attracting in, and no longer attracting in.

This programme consists of 5 audio files that you listen to one a day for 5 days. Each file is filled with powerful healing energies designed to lift away heavy energies such as grief, sadness, anger and guilt. Each file works on a different level and layer of your energies, so at the most basic level, all you have to do is listen and let the energy do the work for you! Once you start feeling better, you then have the option of listening to all 5 audios again and going deeper into the healing work. And once again, embedded deeper into the work you will find options and suggestions for you to use in your life, techniques and skills for you to learn, so you can become empowered to look after your own energy on a daily basis, by yourself.

This is my favourite of all of the programmes that I have ever created. It’s so powerful, yet so gentle. You get what you need, each time you listen to it. and you get to keep all 5 audios so you can listen over again, as often as you wish.

For only €75 you get 5 healing sessions that you can re-use, anytime! Magic!

5 Days to Raise your Vibration

€75, that's 5 healing sessions for just €15 each

Sign up now and receive the first audio file right away!

Sign up for 5 Days to Raise your Vibration

This audio programme could change your life. All you have to do is sit back, relax and listen. 

What does Raise your Vibration mean?

When I say Raise your Vibration, it’s in the context of your life force essence. The energy of life that flows through you has a frequency and a vibration.  Low and slow energy resonates with sadness, grief, depression, guilt, shame. High and fast energy vibrations when it comes to emotional energy include peace, contentment, joy, happiness. This programme is designed to work on your life force energy and your biological energy field directly, to help it let go of heavy and slow, so it can vibrate at a higher and faster rate.  It’s a bit like tuning up a musical instrument so that the notes don’t sound off key anymore, they are strong and clear.  And what happens in this reality is that when your life force energy is vibrant and strong, you attract more joy, more peace and calm, more happiness in your life.

If you don’t know that this programme is for you, why not ask yourself the following questions, and notice how you feel:

  • Do you give yourself for permission to let go of the lower, heavy vibrational energy of grief, shame, anger, resentment, depression, hopelessness, lack, greed, need ?
  • Are you ready to experience the higher vibrations of good health, motivation, enthusiasm for life, happiness, joy, love and beauty?
  • Can you hold onto these higher vibrations so you feel them most of the time?

Holding onto higher vibrational energies can take work, but the beauty of this programme is that it paves the way for you AND gives you the tools so that you can continue the good work and keep your vibration high, long after you’ve listened to the audio files.

How it works:

You have an energy signature, it is just like your fingerprint, your energy signature will not change over time. You are always going to be you, but the brightness and the lightness and the vibrancy of you, the heaviness and the dullness and the slowness of you, the contentment, the peace and the joy, the beauty and the power and the capacity of you…. That is what changes.

How depleted you feel, how exhausted you are, how powerless you think you are, any heaviness, grief or shame that you may carry affects your vibration, but beneath it all, it’s always you.

The energy of these powerful healing audio files starts lifting the layers of heaviness from your energy field to reveal the lightness beneath – the real you. All you have to do is give permission!

When you shine your light brighter,
you inspire others to shine their light brighter too.

What to Expect

Once you sign up, you will receive instructions as to how to access the first powerful healing audio file, which you will get instantly. Please download this to your computer, and then you can add it to a mobile device.You have one day to listen to this file, and the second file will then be sent to you on day 2, the third on day 3, etc.

For best effects, make a quiet space to listen so that you will not be disturbed, and give the audio your full attention. Each track is approx 30 minutes long, and you may need 10-20 minutes of quiet time after listening depending on the effect it has on you. DO NOT USE EQUIPMENT OR MACHINERY when you listen as these tracks are very powerful medicine.

You can listen to all 5 one after the other, and then take a week off to assimilate and embody the energies. Then you can listen to them all again, in any order you choose, as often as you wish.

Included in the healing programme:

  • Downloadable Audio file (approx 30 mins) for each day
  • Transcript of each day’s audio file
  • Exercise worksheets for each day
  • Guidance with further work

This programme is pre-recorded so you can do it at your own pace.

If all you have is 30 minutes to spend each week, take the 5 days over 5 weeks. Or, if you are enthusiastic and want to go as deeply as you can, you can do all 5 days in a row, and then repeat them again (after a break of a couple of days!).

You can go as deeply into the work as you want.

Once you buy this programme the files are yours to keep, and listen to as you wish. For example, you could take a week to do each day (i.e. you could listen to the audio for Day 1 each day for 5 days, then listen to Day 2 each day for another 5 days.. and so on!). Only you know what you need.

5 Days to Raise your Vibration

€75, that's 5 healing sessions for just €15 each

Sign up now and receive the first audio file right away!

Sign up for 5 Days to Raise your Vibration

This audio programme could change your life. All you have to do is sit back, relax and listen. 

Testimonials for “5 Days to Raise your Vibration”

I felt like the program was customized just for me as it was revealing my areas of weakness and offering me ways to ‘turn things around’ — my thoughts, my experiences, my attitude, my health, my relationships. Abby’s suggestions are strong and she provides you with both tools and ideas to take these exercises and incorporate them into your daily spiritual practice.  A total investment in your wellbeing! Not to mention, Abby’s heart, her love, compassion, gentleness, and encouragement throughout the program made me feel that she was in fact with me the whole time, supporting me and encouraging me in every step.  I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a helping hand to rise above the challenges and stresses of everyday life.  Well done Abby, Thank you!

B. DeMaria, Ohio, USA

I didn’t know what to expect only that I wanted my life to change – something had to change, I couldn’t continue the way that it was.

After listening to the first day, I knew I had the right material, the key, the route out of the heaviness that I had been experiencing.

I have listened to this programme in its entireity four times now. I feel empowered just knowing that it is there for me, even just to have in the background. I notice that I am more confident in myself, that I have started to say no more often, and started to say yes, to life.

D. Doherty, Co. Meath, Ireland

Everything Abby says resonates with me so I was excited to try her new healing programme. I felt Abby working on my energy as I listened to her voice, I saw lights, I felt stress leave my body, always I felt more grounded and relaxed after listening.

Sometimes I understood what she was saying straight away, other times I knew I would “get it” on the second or third time around!

I know there are many layers and levels in me that have been affected by this programme, I must say I love audio 4 the best, that’s the one I keep going back to.

Thank you Abby for your amazing contribution to the world. I’m blessed to have met you in this way.

S. DelLaCruz, Australia

You may go into a healing process when you take this programme

Remember – all emotions are natural, all of these emotions we have all experienced sometime or other in our lives, and you know what? Even when you raise your vibration you are still going to experience all of these emotions again and again because they’re part of who we are. But when you raise your vibration, you will not be consumed by the lower vibrational emotions anymore. As the programme works on you, these emotions may loosen up from deep within you, and rise up through you as they leave you to be transformed into something much more beneficial.

That means that you may feel them as they lift off of you. Knowing that you’re healing, just let them move through you without needing to do anything. You may feel sad, angry, all of those things, for a few days or a few weeks (depending on the depth and intensity of what you are carrying), but keeping an open and compassionate heart to yourself will really help, being kind to yourself as you cry and let go, knowing that you’re really letting them go this time.

And the best bit? Once you’ve come into balance after healing, you can be angry, and like a storm it will pass through you and it will be gone. You might be jealous and again, like a storm, it’ll come through you and instead of drowning in it you question “Why am I jealous?” and then you realise that your power has leaked out from you so you pull it back in and you will process that jealousy and you release it, and are no longer jealous. Or you will feel resentment and realise that you’re exhausted and you haven’t given yourself the time that you really deserve to have and you give yourself that time and the resentment will dissolve away.

That is what is different about being healed, you still will feel all of these emotional energies but they will pass through you once you have processed them, and you will not carry them around like baggage weighing you down, anymore.

Are you ready to Raise your Vibration?

PLEASE NOTE: This healing programme is for you, to teach you how to heal yourself, be more present and empowered in your life and to embrace the joy, love and support that is here for you.

This programme is not about healing another person, nor will it qualify you to be a healer. It is not a substitute for one to one therapy. If you are in an abusive relationship this programme alone may not be enough to help you move through it.  I encourage you always to ask for professional help if you feel you need it.