Heal Emotional Eating – Next Session November 2017

Do you feel you lose control around food?
Do you just have to finish that chocolate bar, or the packet of biscuits in the kitchen just because it is there?
Or do you go to food for comfort when you’re not feeing happy, when things in life are stressful
Do you find that food has power over you, rather than you having power over it?

Then I can help.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve peace in your life. You deserve to feel in control of what you put into your mouth. But most people don’t feel any of these things. Most people feel overweight, unfulfilled and out of control when it comes to food.

We need food to live, yet so many of us have an unhealthy relationship with it, using food to punish ourselves for our failings, to comfort ourselves for a lack of love, or to protect ourselves from intimacy.

I know what this is like because I am a survivor of emotional eating.

I have analysed and unpicked more than 20 years of destructive patterns, I’ve healed my behaviour, my heart and my soul. I’ve stepped out of ancestral pain, past life issues and stepped into a new, heathy relationship with my body, and with food.

With wisdom from own journey, skills from my training and help from the healing energies that surround me I’ve facilitated healing for many others from destructive emotional eating patterns, and from eating disorders. And I want to help you, too.

Come join me for a 6 week journey into emotional eating, to heal what lies beneath and promote freedom and empowerment when it comes to your relationship with yourself, and your relationship with food.

“Last week I had a guilt-free chocolate brownie!”
“Where did you get that? I want one!!”
“Well, It was just an ordinary chocolate brownie. I just didn’t feel guilty after I ate it!”

Food is not my sanctuary. My heart is my sanctuary.

Six live interactive webinar coaching sessions every Tuesday evening for six weeks (recorded with recordings available to all participants). There will also be homework, group distance healing and a secret, private, Facebook Group for support.

I find that great healing comes when we take the focus off of the diet, off of the food itself. So you don’t have to deny yourself anything when you join my group.

I want to help you to find peace in your heart without having to resort to food. Help you attract sweetness in your life without a need for sugar. To find stability and balance without carbohydrates. And I want to help you learn how to connect to grace and receive love through healing, rather than through cycles of comfort eating.

You will move forward on your journey, you will learn more about your “why do I do this…“ you will develop your “how do I stop doing this…..“ and you will have a plan in place for yourself when it comes to food. Most of all, if you join this group you will break the pattern of self-anger, self-loathing, self-depreciating when it comes to emotional eating, and then everything else will come into balance.

There is no quick-fix when it comes to emotional eating, it is never finished, this journey that we are on. Sure I still have the odd day where I reach for toast, cookies or cake. But I understand that there is more going on than my brain realises, and I don’t condemn myself for it. And as time goes on, there are less and less days like that.


In my six week coaching class we will cover the following topics (and that’s just for starters!!):

  • Energetic Clearing around Eating Habits
  • Ancestral healing /DNA Clearing
  • Past Life Issue Healing
  • Fears around being slim and light in the world
  • How to feel safe around food
  • How to feel safe in the world
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Healing your relationship with yourself
  • Forgiveness for destructive patterns
  • Healing the saboteur
  • Healing your relationship with your body
  • Acceptance of who you are and what you are
  • Forgiveness of everything you have done or not done
  • Energy Healing
  • Strategies for comfort that do not include food
  • Learning your patterns and your triggers
  • Breaking habits and connecting to love
  • “First aid” lists to resort to when in need
  • Real, solid things you can try that work, when you’re emotional


It took me a long time to get here, but I’m here. And I want to help you feel at ease with your body, with yourself, and around food. If you want something to change, you have to change something. And being in a group with lots of healing, well, there is extra power in that.

If you do your inner work and accept who you are, flaws and all, you can step away from the need to fill yourself with food, and step into a more empowered life.

This class is not about losing weight, it’s about losing dependance on food for fulfilment. It’s about releasing a need to sabotage our achievements, it’s about being able to receive love from ourselves, and its about allowing ourselves to relax and be happy with ourselves and our lives.

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