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Working directly with me means that together we can go to the heart of your issue and I help you clear it so you can move through it to the next stage of your life. Sessions can be intense, deeply transformational and incredibly healing. I’ve listed the different ways that I work with people and groups below.

Group Sessions

Group healing is so powerful, the healing becomes amplified. My group healing sessions are monthly, online, affordable and powerful. When you participate you get an opportunity to connect with like-minded people in our Facebook group and make new friends! The internet is amazing. Click the button below to find out more.

“I feel like a different person after our session, much more alive and full of joy! That session had profound effects on me. I felt my inner child coming to life, it was such a fun and amazing healing experience! Thank you Abby!!” BH, U.K.


Programs last longer than one session and facilitate a deeper exploration of issues.  I offer both group led and self paced speciality programs so there is sure to be a program that suits your learning style and lifestyle commitments.

Group led Programmes

Programmes last longer than one session, and when they’re led by me they’re scheduled for a particular date, last a certain length of time and have a particular intention in mind. I like variety so I keep it interesting, subjects I have covered include emotional eating, releasing fears around healing, raising your vibration and releasing blocks to receiving love. If you’re interested in joining me for a group led programme, make sure you join my email list so you can keep up to date with what is coming up!

“I’ve attended Abby’s Raise your Vibration Bootcamp about 4 times now over the last few years, each time I find it’s different, the healing is deeper, the tasks are sometimes difficult but so rewarding, and I always end feeling more reconnected to myself, brighter and more in flow with my life. I love the lifetime discount. I’ll be back again for sure!!” JH, USA

Self-Paced Programmes

Sometimes you just want to do it by yourself, on your own, in your own time. My self-paced programmes are all pre-recorded with audio and written work to guide you and help you on your journey. It is a little like buying a book, but more interactive. And the best bit? Each audio file I offer you is filled with deep, healing energies. You can listen as often as you like, and take as long as you want to complete a programme – do it your way.

“Abby’s 5 Days to Raise your Vibration programme saved my life. It was a hand out of a dark place and it led me back to the light. I listen to it once or twice a year and each time it’s renewed my energy levels, and my faith in myself and all things spiritual. Thanks for creating this remarkable resource Abby, the world is better for all that you do in it.” SM, France

Individual Sessions

I will meet you where you are on your journey and bring you through whatever is holding you back, so you can move forward. Choose between one hour, half hour or email sessions. Click a button below to find out more.

“In only 30 minutes Abby helped me shift something that I’ve been trying to let go of for years. In fact we did this in the first 10 minutes! The remaining 20 minutes with Abby were breathtaking. I feel brighter, stronger, more empowered and, dare I say it, happy.” MM, Ireland

Mentoring and Changemaking

If you work with other people and need guidance and support to consolidate your offerings, present yourself clearly and attract prosperity, I can help.
I can also work with you in the background providing energetic support for any of your projects and endeavours.

“Knowing Abby was always there supporting me was like having a secret weapon in my pocket. I know I achieved more in the 3 months I was connected to her than I would have done otherwise. So grateful to have had the experience.” JF, USA

Healing via Audio Download

If you’re not quite ready to have a session with me, but still want some healing, I have pre-recorded healing sessions available right here, in my webshop. I also have group healing session replays and gentle, guided meditations. Have a look, read some of the reviews, and maybe try one for yourself.

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    Soul Retrieval Healing Session

  • Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

    Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

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  • Releasing the Blocks to your Happiest Life Now

  • Heal Anxiety and Feel Grounded in your Life.


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    You are a Shining Light – Expansion and Clearing Meditation

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    Grounding in the Crystal Cave

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