Healing Meditations

Expand, Ground, Clear and Open your Energy

If used regularly, my healing meditations will promote self-healing, bring you into balance and
help keep you centred and relaxed.

Once you download these to your computer, you can listen using the computer, or you can transfer them to an Mp3 player (such as your smartphone or tablet) and play with headphones any time and as many times you want to.

Please don’t listen when you are operating machinery or driving a car, on a bike. For these meditations to reach their full potential you need to sit in a quiet space and give them your full attention.

Healing Meditations

All of my meditations are filled with healing light and energy transmissions. It’s up to you to set an intention to receive the healing, and to give yourself your own permission to relax and open to it, so you get the most benefit from it. Each meditation is different, depending on what you feel you need. The more you listen to them, the deeper you go, and the more healing you will receive. You may need to make some space for yourself after the meditation if emotions come up. Please do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating machinery!

Some days you need help to clear your energy, other days you realise your heart has closed and you need some help to open it again. My guided healing meditations make space for you to do whatever you feel you need to do – whether it’s clearing and cleansing your energy, helping you ground yourself or centre yourself in your body more. I even can create a space for you so you can journey to a loved one in Spirit. Each meditation is different, and gives you a rich landscape to relax, clear stress and anxiety and receive healing.

  • You are a Shining Light - Expansion and Clearing Meditation

    You are a Shining Light – Expansion and Clearing Meditation

  • Opening your Heart to Yourself

    Opening your Heart to Yourself

  • Grounding in the Crystal Cave

    Grounding in the Crystal Cave

  • Clearing your chakras

    Clearing your Chakras

  • Journey to your Loved One in Spirit


Healing with the Luminous Beings

Luminous Beings are beings of light, they include Angels, Ascended Masters and Elementals – Fairies, Unicorns, and Mermaids. We forget that we are also beings of light, we are luminous beings who inhabit a physical body.

In these meditations you will reconnect to your own luminosity, then be brought on a journey to meet these beautiful beings of light who will give you healing and remind you who you truly are.

Purchase the Luminous Beings Bundle and receive all three Luminous Healing Meditations: Healing with the Ascended Masters, Healing with the Angels and Healing with the Elementals.

  • Healing with the Luminous Beings – Meditation Bundle

  • Healing with the Angels

  • Healing with the Ascended Masters

  • Healing with the Elementals