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I feel most alive when I am writing. I have written many books and I intend to continue to do so! You can find my current writings on Substack – click here to visit and subscribe if you feel called to keep up with my musings!

My self-care books are practical, my healing books are clear, and my fiction reads like a thriller, people just can’t put it down! I have a no-nonsense truthful approach. I write to teach you about how there is magic in the world, and how there is magic and beauty in you, too. Maybe you’ve just forgotton.

My mission is to heal the world, by teaching people how to heal themselves, and through the many different modalities I have to offer, I do believe that I’m keeping to my mission! I have turned some of my books into healing programmes on my other website, Abby’s Online Academy, along with live healing programmes and my Healing Circle, a place for community and healing.

Some of my books have been translated into different languages including Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish, Polish and Italian. I feel blessed to be so productive, and I look forward to what is coming next!

The Inner Compass Trilogy

A fictional story about Marissa, therapist-in-training. who goes thorough a spiritual process of awakening, transformation and expansion. Through connecting to Marissa you will learn about spirit guides, angels, shamanism, Reiki, how to use oracle cards, and so, so much more!

Be inspired, learn about healing and perhaps her journey will help you find your own inner magic!

Books 1 & 2 now available. Book 3 coming in January 2023!

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Planting the Seeds

Poetry, Short Stories and Prayers

Through poetry and story Abby shares never-before published ideas on life, the universe and everything. Fairy tales to make you think, poetry to open your heart. And you can learn how to connect through the power of prayer.

This book is a gift, if you are brave enough to venture into these lands.

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The One Day at a Time Healing Diaries 

Every year since 2018 these diaries have completely sold out! Monthly themes based on the astrology, and filled with healing affirmations, stunning photographs and room for you to journal your thoughts and feelings, these books are designed to keep you stable and ride the waves of the energy of these times!

Don’t worry, there’s a new one coming in 2023! Find out more about them here.

How to Be Well

This is my flagship book, I am currently recording the audio version. If you want to learn how to feel, and be well, in your day to day life, then this is the book for you. In it I explain the energetics of relationships; the relationship you have with yourself, with the world, and with other people too!

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Heal your Inner Wounds

This book will accompany you like a friend, deep, deep into your inner wounds, guiding you to do your inner work, and gives ways that you can make it stick.

Meet your inner child and inner teenager and tell them you will never abandon them. Work with bereavement and shift self-sabotage. Balance the masculine and feminine in you, and face your darkness and your light.

This book is guaranteed to change your life, if you let it.

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Energy Healing Made Easy

I wrote this book as part of the basics series for Hay House, it was since republished as a “Made Easy” series, but there is nothing easy about energy healing – especially the way that I teach it!

This book is also available on Audible, and has been made into an online video course with Hay House

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Energy Healing Made Easy
the Book of Healing Affirmations

The Book of Healing Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful statements of truth, made up of words. Remember, spelling means casting a spell, and words have power. 

The affirmations in this book are medicine – antidotes to the toxins of our everyday life.

I teach you how to heal with affirmations, how to release the resistance you have to owning them 100%, how to go deep and embody their wisdom and make them your own.

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A-Z Spiritual Colouring Affirmations

I wrote this book as 26 healing sessions, one for each letter of the alphabet. you invoke the energy of the session, then colour in the mandala. All mandalas were drawn by my daughter, Megan Wynne. You can find her on Instagram @wynnearts

Click here to find out more about the book and take a sneak peak inside. You can also download a free colouring healing session!

Spiritual Tips for Enlightenment

When I began my healing practice I realised that I would need to write a newsletter – Oy Vey!! This book is the first year of that newsletter, filled with tips for Spring, Summer, Autum and Winter.

I held a competition with my subscribers for the photographs in the book, each photo was hand-picked with love. It’s a fun book, you can open it to a page and see what jumps out at you.

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Energy Healing For Everyone

This is my first book! It started out as a Reiki manuel for my Reiki students who wanted a nice remider to practice Reiki outside of our classes. It soon grew to have many exercises and fun things to do for the morning, afternoon, evening and night time. Like how to Reiki your food, or how to Reiki yourself and your bedroom so you have a good night’s sleep.

I soon realised that it was closer to Shamanism than Reiki, it was Energy Healing! So I changed the name, added an introduction (What is Energy Healing and How do I do it?) and made it available to everyone. Because everyone can do energy healing!

Find out more about the book here.

All of my books are available online, I recommend Book Depository if you want a paperback with free international shipping, or Amazon if you’d like a Kindle version. You can also get eBooks on Barnes and Noble, Rakuten, Apple Books, and anywhere else eBooks can be found!

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