Hay House Energy Healing Made Easy Video Course

Once we know how to work with it, the life force energy that we all have running through us has amazing potential to help us live in the present moment, let go of sadness and find more joy, attune to a deeper level of self-awareness, and heal ourselves and the wider world.

This course offers the chance to tap into our own high vibrational healing energy to deal with the anxiety, exhaustion, pain, overwhelm and more, which can affect us daily, especially if we are particularly sensitive or empathetic. You’ll learn how to release heavy energies and reorganize your own energy field to help you feel calmer and more balanced. The effects of working with your energy will be manifold, including helping you to rediscover your unique and identity, feel more empowered and increase your self-esteem.

This course is in association with Hay House and is part of the fabulous line up of Hay House online courses

I want to thank you Abby for the online course: Energy Healing for Beginners . Your clearing and grouding exercise has changed my life. I was less grounded before and doing it makes me feel strong and safe. I bought this course from Hay House. I can feel in your energy field that you are at one with what you teach.
E. Wisser

This online course includes:

  • Seven video lessons with the energy healing expert Abby Wynne
  • All you need to know about centring and grounding your energy, and how it can impact your life
  • How to recognize negative energies and deal with them effectively
  • Practical exercises and meditations to help you heal and lift your energy
  • Downloadable worksheets to take your learning further

This course will teach you simple ways to bring yourself into your body, get in touch with your energy, notice what affects you and how you can connect to the Earth for support. When you truly understand how to read your own energy field, you learn to consider situations fully rather than react to them, and discover how to be centred and calmer in your own life, which ultimately leads you to make much better decisions.

During this seven-lesson course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Centre yourself to be more present and live more mindfully
  • Ground yourself to feel more secure and connected to Mother Earth
  • Resist picking up negative energies from people around you
  • Give yourself permission to make your energy stronger and more vibrant
  • Find confidence, lightness and peace by truly getting to know yourself
  • Connect to high vibrational energies of healing, love and joy, and let go of grief, anger and pain
  • Discover the energy to live the authentic, empowered life you dream of

“Oh my gosh Abby I read your book and thought I was doing the exercises right but watching you on video has helped me reach new depths of understanding of this work – I’m so glad I signed up” Marianne, USA

“I have bookmarked your video and watch it before i go into a meeting with my manager, it has really helped me ground myself and stay focused. I’m feeling more appreciated at work too! Thank you for this amazing asset” Sarah, U.K.

“I was always feeling sick and then I realised it was because I was picking up other people’s energy – this video class really helped me learn how to stop doing that and now I feel happier, more like myself, and have more energy in the evenings to do the things I love!”  Rachel, Scotland

This course is in association with Hay House and is part of the fabulous line up of Hay House online courses