Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person but don’t know how to bring it into your daily routine?

Would you like to learn some quick and easy ways to manage your energy better, have more time for you and reconnect to joy?

Then my Weekly Energy Tips emails are for you!

Weekly Energy Tips

A Newsletter by Abby Wynne

When you sign up for weekly tips emails you get a free, gentle healing meditation Mp3 as a gift from me to you. You also get a copy of my PDF “How to choose a therapist and a therapy that is right for you”


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My Gift to You

When you subscribe you will receive a link to download my “Gentle Healing Meditation”, a short, powerful audio file that you can listen to as many times as you like to help you become more centred and grounded in your Self. You will receive a link to this meditation right away, you don’t even have to wait until next Thursday!

You can look forward to:

  • learning how to manage your emotions
  • knowing when it’s your stuff and when it isn’t (and how to deal with it!)
  • becoming more confident in making big (and small) decisions
  • managing life better so you have more energy for the things you enjoy

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Here is some feedback from my emails:



“I loved the email, and the gentle healing meditation was just beautiful. I listen to it every day and I feel much more calm and relaxed. About everything!!” Patricia

“Every week I read your Energy Tips email out loud to my mother (she’s 80). We discuss it in great detail and both of us get great learning. It’s become a part of our week that we both enjoy, and over the weeks and months we have gotten to know each other much better through our discussions!” Susan

“I love these messages!! Thank you so much!” Kathy

“Sometimes I feel as though you are speaking directly to me, and about just what I am thinking about. I have cultivated knowledge and understanding of who/what we are and how we work; I seek understanding and enlightenment for the purpose of serving. I believe that everyone of us has infinite potential. I believe I am called to help others learn about what their capabilities are. Thank you for your inspiration and instruction! What a journey we are on, and what a privilege to share some part of it with you!” Denise

“I loved your last email. I was going through something similar and this was the bit I was missing. Phew! Thank you again!” Andy

“Thank you for that prayer for world peace. I was wondering how I could do something like that, and you’ve made it easy for me. Blessings to you and to all the work that you do.” Brendan

“I forward your emails on to my sister, and sometimes she calls me on the phone to talk about them. We find that the topics you pick are relevant to what we are experiencing in our lives, and they teach us new ways to deal with issues and situations that we may not have thought of doing ourselves!” Maria

“I really enjoy your emails. This one hit home to me, made a lot of sense. Thank you!” Luisa

“Great newsletter. I’m sitting in bed sick and really been through it over the last 24 hours and my baby’s birth was pretty intense too. This whole period has been an experience in understanding my humanness! Your words were the timely reminder I needed right now. Thank you xx” Kate

I hope you enjoy reading my energy tips as much as I enjoy writing them!!