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Free Meditations for Anxiety, Overwhelm and Healing

Here are two playlists – one for anxiety and one for healing. You can listen to individual tracks as you need them, and there is a handy app that you can install on your phone, if you need it. Click here to discover my full track listing.

You can read my blog, or watch me on YouTube!

You can have a read of my blog, where you can find energy wisdom, exercises and free downloads embedded in some of the posts.

How well are you looking after your energy field?

Many years ago, when I was in primary school, I learned about crop rotation. It’s a funny thing to be taught about at school, however now that I am older I can see the value in the principals behind it. Learning about how well the farmers look after their fields can...

How much practice are you willing to put in?

My two youngest, Mya and Siân, have been taking music lessons for a couple of years now. They know and understand that it’s not enough to show up for the lesson, they also need to practice between lessons, and the more they practice, the easier it gets to play, and...

It’s Not Quite Time For The Phoenix To Rise.

There is unrest in the world. We are half-way through the year, and I am hearing that the next 2 years will be just as challenging as this one is turning out to be. I must address the riots and protests in America. There has been a lot of hatred online, arguments and...

Our Soul has no time for what is convenient

What do you know? I mean, deep down, what absolute truth do you know, that is solid within you, unshakable? Not what is true for you, because that is transient and subjective, but a universal truth, a truth that is always true. Why am I asking? Well, now is a great...

Keep Your Vibration High While You’re At Home

Keep Your Vibration High While You're At Home It's so important for you to keep your vibration high while you're at home. I have many free and many low-cost resources to help you manage your energy while you are at home during the Covid-19 crisis. Here's a list for...

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Just like a flower, we grow towards the light. It’s how we’re designed.

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  • Alignment in the Present Moment – The Healing Sessions

  • Clearing your chakras

    Clearing your Chakras

  • Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

    Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

  • Grounding in the Crystal Cave

    Grounding in the Crystal Cave

  • Heal Anxiety and Feel Grounded in your Life.

  • Healing an Aspect of Yourself

  • Healing with the Angels

  • Healing with the Ascended Masters