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Free Meditations for Anxiety, Overwhelm and Healing

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Be the hole, not the flute

I was at an evening with Davidji, he is a meditation teacher with a great sense of humour and a lovely energy about him. He said several things that got me thinking. He talked about how Louise Hay was ahead of her time, writing her first book “You can heal your Body”...

The Cost of New Age Thinking

I feel in my bones that anyone who is truly doing their inner work has long outgrown the New Age love and light standard. Trying to fit into the New Age way of thinking just doesn’t work anymore. It never could really hold us as the human beings that we are, anyway....

Darkness has a Purpose

There’s a lot of talk about shadow, but nobody really talks about darkness. Shadow is the name given to the parts of us that we are not aware of, hence, they’re in the shadows. I have written about this before as I was trying to make sense of the New Age teachers that...

Do you blend in or do you stand out?

A cuttlefish has a remarkable ability to blend into it’s environment. When the sand below is dark, it picks up the mottled dark patterns, and practically disappears, making it difficult to find. When the sand below changes to pale, the cuttlefish also turns pale, all...


A few thoughts on wisdom. Seeing as today is the day in the story of Christmas that the Wise Men arrived at the crib it’s auspicious timing that this is on my mind right now. We are not hear to teach others. We are here to learn. We learn by experiencing all the...

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