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Free Meditations for Anxiety, Overwhelm and Healing

Here are two playlists – one for anxiety and one for healing. You can listen to individual tracks as you need them, and there is a handy app that you can install on your phone, if you need it. Click here to discover my full track listing.

You can read my blog, or watch me on YouTube!

You can have a read of my blog, where you can find energy wisdom, exercises and free downloads embedded in some of the posts.

What is a Lightworker?

I'm a lightworker. It’s a difficult word to define. It sounds woo woo, in that it’s “dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific”. This definition is from Merriam Webster, who seem to change their definitions regularly depending on the flow of...

What do you do when you’ve got no energy left?

What do you do when you’ve got no energy left? When you really want to believe that it’s going to be over soon, but deep down inside you know it won’t be? Play jazz. Loud. Dance. Go for a walk. Paint a picture. Meet a friend, actually meet them, face to face, for a...

The Truth is being Obscured

The truth is being obscured. Snippets of it are being released to keep you searching for more. To keep you hungry. To keep you on the edge. But you know what? You already know the truth. In your heart. We need space to get our heads around it. And we need time to...

We are in a Mental Health Pandemic

WE ARE IN A MENTAL HEALTH PANDEMIC We are in a mental health pandemic. And nobody is going to ask you if you are suffering. That’s a fact. They will ask you how you are, and you will answer ‘fine’ because you’re keeping your chin up, and trying to make the best of it....

Cognitive Dissonance – Repetition does not make something true

Repeating the same thing over and over again does not make it true. Like water dripping on a rock, it can wear you down listening to the same untruth over and over again. It almost makes you want to believe it so it will just stop and leave you alone. I see this...

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