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Free Meditations for Anxiety, Overwhelm and Healing

Here are two playlists – one for anxiety and one for healing. You can listen to individual tracks as you need them, and there is a handy app that you can install on your phone, if you need it. Click here to discover my full track listing.

You can read my blog, or watch me on YouTube!

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Do not Stay Silent in the Face of Evil.

I’m a healer, but I’m not all love and light. Those of you that know me know this is true. I recently read a poem about healers, that they should have no opinions because their role here is to just channel love. Well, I’m human too, and if I was to aspire to be that...

The Time for the Hero’s Journey is Over

I realised today that the hero’s journey has had its day. It’s a masculine framework, coined by Joseph Campbell and based on the idea that you must go on a journey to find yourself, to face your fears and to experience growth. It’s been presented as “THE” journey of...

Wondering why your healing work won’t stick?

Wondering why your healing work won't stick? There may be more to it than you think. Energy work alone is not enough. You can cut cords like you were Edward Scissorhands and they will still come back if some aspect of you still believes that you are available to it. ...

Social Media For Empaths Is Not Fun Right Now

As an empath that uses social media, I put hand on heart and say it is not a fun uplifting place to be. We are in an information war, everyone is being forced to take a side, and if they don't they are labelled and pushed into a corner. Cancel culture means people are...

A Message for Empaths and Healers

I wrote this on Facebook a few days ago, I don't know if you have seen it already but it seemed fitting to share it here. My husband insisted that I label it “A Message for Healers and Empaths” so that I wouldn't get any flack for it. I took his advice, and I only...

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Just like a flower, we grow towards the light. It’s how we’re designed.

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  • Alignment in the Present Moment – The Healing Sessions

  • Clearing your chakras

    Clearing your Chakras

  • Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

    Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

  • Grounding in the Crystal Cave

    Grounding in the Crystal Cave

  • Heal Anxiety and Feel Grounded in your Life.

  • Healing an Aspect of Yourself

  • Healing with the Angels

  • Healing with the Ascended Masters