One to One Sessions

We are not meant to do this all alone. It’s okay to ask for help. And going through life with your heart closed, feeling like part of you is missing, disconnected from your joy is not how it is supposed to be.

My one to one sessions are deeply transformational. One session could be all it takes, if you’re ready to heal. And I don’t charge the earth, because truly, I want to help you heal.

So get in touch if you’re ready for change. Let’s make an arrangement to talk together so I can facilitate your healing process.

Heal the world by healing yourself.

NEW: Heal One Thing 30 Minute Online Sessions

Would you like to heal one thing that isn’t working in your life right now? Try a 30 minute session with me!

If you’re feeling emotional swings, anxiety or unexplainable sadness or emotional pain, finding the root cause is what is required in order for it to heal. If you take on other people’s emotions, are missing an aspect of your joy and zest for life, or if you’re carrying the heaviness of the world on your shoulders – I can help!

30 minutes may not sound like a lot of time, but we hit the ground running, and with your strong wilingness to heal, and my strong intention for transformation, it is amazing what can happen! When we step into sacred time, everything slows down, and we make space for the core of your issue to appear so it can be healed. Most of my 30 minute “Heal one thing” sessions are followed by 24 hours of distance energy healing to smooth the edges and clear the debris from the work that we do when we connect. If you’d like to know more or to book one of these sessions, email me 

60 minute One-to-One Sessions with Abby Wynne

Online or in person in Dun Laoghaire. Each session with me is different, depending on what YOU need. 

Together we create an amazing space where miracles happen. Most people who come to me for help and/or healing have said they experienced profound, irreversible change and feel their lives have improved dramatically for the better. Whether on Skype or in person, a one-to-one session with me could transform your life.

Just bring yourself, tell me how you are feeling, and we can start from there. I will give you work to do, are you ready for it? If you want something to change in our life, you have to change something. I’m here to help. If your battery is flat, I’ll help you recharge it. If there’s something broken, together we will fix it. I’m here to help you get yourself back on track with your life and in touch with your inner wisdom and personal power.

There is no cure for life. Sometimes all you can do is manage what you have. But sometimes, deep irriversable transformation occurs. I have successfully helped people with the following issues (and more that are not listed here):



Panic Attacks
Anxiety Attacks
Low Level Continuous Anxiety
Feelings of overwhelm
Loss of hope for life
Suicidal thoughts
Apathy and lack of motivation
Mindfulness and quality of presence in the moment


Creating and maintaining good strong boundaries
Imbalance of power
Parenting and couple relationships
Toxic Relationships
Communication issues

Spiritual Issues

Energy healing and cleansing Soul Retrieval
Cuting energy cords
Energetic extractions
Karmic and vow cleansing
Ancestral healing
Past life healing
Release of energetic patterns
Re-working Sacred Contracts


Spiritual Guideance
Life Coaching
Grow your therapy practice
Duty of care for therapy practitioners
Healing for the healer
Listening skills for non-counsellors
Social media/website development
Write and publish your book

There are no guarantees – whatever is ready to heal will heal. But if you know what it is that you don’t want and how to manage it, then the quality of your life can dramatically improve. And sometimes, just setting your intention to heal with someone like me as a witness can set a cascade of events in motion to bring you further down your road to wellness.


If you’re ready to heal then get in touch and make an appointment to work with me.

Fill out the form and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

Bring all your issues in and lay them on the table with me in session. We can use energetic techniques to dissolve away the emotional pain, we can combine them with psychotherapeutic techniques to help you change your attitude to your situation, to help you set goals, or change your way of thinking.

Sessions unfold in a natural way and you will usually leave with skills to try, homework to do, and have a high vibrational energy of healing surrounding you so that you can attract in more of the things in life that you want. Expect miracles!

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What to Expect from a Session

I do not ask that you sign up for a certain number of sessions.  Sometimes one or two sessions can be enough to shift even major issues, if you’re read to let them go.

We move completely at your pace, if you’re not ready for something, that’s ok, we can look at what is in the way and work towards it. Read my notes on Permission and Intention if you want to understand possible blocks to your own healing process. If you want to know more about the techniques that I use, read my notes on How I work.

After each session I make sure you are completely happy with what we discussed, know what you have to do (if anything) and that you are feeling fully grounded and ready to face the world outside.

When transformation and energy shift happens in a session, clients say they feel bigger, lighter, brighter, more in touch with themselves, more connected to life. Some clients feel more powerful, some feel grounded, some feel like they are “back” in their body for the first time in a very long time. All say they feel better.

Please note: Healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine, if you feel you have a physical complaint or are feeling ill, please visit your doctor.

Having a daily spiritual practice helps you connect to the truth of who you are.

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