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Intention, Permission and How I Work


Setting your intention for healing

We all think we want to get better, and when you know that something isn’t right in your life, you can set an intention to get help with it. Hence booking a session with someone like me!

If your intention for improvement in your life is true, then you have to be prepared to take responsibility for what you have been doing up to now. Remember, if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will continue to get the same results. So be open to the possibility that you may have to change something in order to improve your situation. For example, it could be the way you feel about something or someone, it could be about the way you see the world, or the way that you live. By being open to changing you also open to receive the healing that you intend for yourself.

You must give yourself permission to do your work.

If you don’t give permission at all levels of your body, mind and soul, then the healing will be blocked and you will not receive what it is you expect to receive.

This is all healing process, which is part of the healing and only through experiencing it will you understand it. You may also experience some discomfort after the session but this will pass.

By allowing your body to relax and then connecting to your body at a deeper level, you can discover which issues your body is holding onto; which unresolved issues from your past are amplifying the problems of the present.

Through visualisation techniques, affirmations and meditations it is possible to shift and release trapped emotional energy from the body in a very deep way. But only if you give your 100% permission to do so. I can track when this is not the case, and together we can work to find out why, and clear that too!

How I work

In an article on Elephant Journal, with the express kind permission of my client I write about some deeply profound moments of a session we shared, to give people a better idea of how I work. Click here to read it.

Here are some of the common questions/themes/issues that I get asked about when it comes to the way I work.

A note about Skype vs In-Person

I have found that it really depends on the level of readiness of my client as to how effective a transformational healing session can be. Because of this, the way we run the session (whether the session is over Skype, on the telephone or in person) is actually not relevant. This is actually good news, because it means when you are ready to do your work you can have a session with me no matter where you are in the world.

Did you know you probably are creating stress for yourself?

Most of the problems we face are amplified by additional stress that we place on ourselves. If you are spending most of your thoughts immersed in worry or stress, that is what you are putting most of your energy into. Doing this for long periods of time is exhausting, and creates more stress for you, on top of the stress you are already feeling. After a while, it becomes difficult to look at the positive side of things and it may seem that things never will get better.

In a session, we look at how you think and the effect it has on you. We can work together to help you change thought patterns so that you begin to put more of your energy into health, wellness and joy.

Transforming the Energy of Your Thoughts

To compliment the energy/body work we also look at the corresponding energy of your thoughts. We discuss how thought patterns can hold us in a space of negativity or positivity, and we work directly with the client’s thoughts, with the aim of transforming negative repetitive thought patterns into more positive affirmations.

Your imagination is important

When we work with energy we create a safe space where we bring our imaginations into play. Remember, the soul doesn’t speak a language, it uses images, so sometimes we need to create a sacred space for it to feel safe enough to speak to us, and for us to listen. When we speak to the soul in images, we are using our imagination. If you can let go of your rational mind and allow yourself to do this, it becomes natural and easy for you to do, and you can continue to do this long after the session is over.

What do I have to bring with me?

We start off just by talking, you don’t need to bring anything just you. If you wanted to write a list of things you’d like to work on, you can bring that. Otherwise we simply discuss where you are in your life, what prompted you to see me and what you would like to change. We will work with the most important thing first, in order of your preference.

What type of issues do you work with?

I don’t work with the issue, I work with the person who is having the issue. This includes dis-ease too. So I don’t work with insomnia, I work with Seán who is currently experiencing insomnia. I don’t work with cancer, I work with Sarah who is experiencing treatment for cancer.

For this reason, no matter what is going on for you, we can work together. All you need is a willingness to look at where you are, and a desire to move from this place.

With Psychotherapy they say you have to go through your whole life and re-experience everything to heal it- do you do that?

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it – I don’t make you go back through your life and look for things that may not have been ideal or enjoyable.

My attitude is – if it’s not working now, let’s sort it out, we don’t have to root through the issues of the past just for the sake of it. BUT if what is going on for you now is linked to something in the past, we track it together, then go there and heal it. It doesn’t have to be a painful experience, but it could be an emotional one depending on the circumstances.

Shamanism is taking drugs isn’t it? Will I have to do that?

Shamanism is not taking drugs, although in some forms of shamanism substances may be used to enhance the work. I do not do this, I never have done this nor do I ever ask my clients to do this. The energetics of the world as we live in right now are so fluid that we can track mostly anything that is ready to be healed just by connecting to our intuition and giving permission for the work to be done. To find out more about Shamanism, click here.

Do I have to lie down or take my clothes off?

There is a misunderstanding about how Energy Healing actually works. You DO NOT need to ever take your clothes off for an energy healing session. With anyone. Unless it is explicitly part of a massage and this is NOT something that I offer.

If we are doing pure energy healing, sometimes it is easier to lie down so that I can work over your whole biofield. My energy healing practice is based on Reiki, Seichem, and Shamanism.

Is one session enough?

I cannot tell you how many sessions you will need until I meet you, and even then I do not prescribe a certain number of sessions. I am all about empowerment, so it is COMPLETELY up to you to ask for what you need.

I might give you homework depending on what comes up during a session – the purpose of this is to further continue the good work in deepening a self-awareness, establishing a sense of peace and managing fluctuating stress levels or emotional balance. It’s usually a meditative exercise, or work with affirmations.  To read about meditations and affirmations, click here.

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