How to Be Well

An Online Class

Many people read self-help books and say “That’s really great, yes I should do that!” and then put the book down and never change their lives. That’s why I am providing extra support for you to help you actually make the changes you feel you need to make so you can become more empowered in your life.  I’m delighted to now be able to offer you the first class in a series of three.

What does Reorganising and Healing your Life Situation mean?

Our life situation is usually composed of things that we have deliberatly chosen and things that we feel we have not chosen but are obliged to carry out. These obligations over time cause us more stress than we realise, and many of us continue to live this way. We are not aware of the things that wear us down, of the people and relationships that drain our energy, and the people, places and things that disempower us. It’s time to change this way of life.

If you take a frog and put it into a saucepan of boiling water, it will try to jump out right away. However, if you take a frog and place it in a saucepan of cold water, it will sit there. You can then turn the heat up and the water will be brought to the boil, slowly, but so slowly that the frog doesn’t notice it, and then it is too late.

My intention for you in making this class is not just so you can gain a deeper awareness of what is going on in your life, but to give you the steps you need to take to change what is going on so you can feel more empowered, more present, and more available for joy.

Using my unique techniques blending psychology, shamanism, energy healing and mindfulness, I bring you on a journey step by step, to help you  learn how to become well. Each session is delivered to your inbox as it becomes available to you. There is an audio file with the content, context and with deep healing infused into it, and each week there are worksheets and homework for you to do.

You can sign up for this class anytime, and the six weeks starts from the day you sign up.

When you take your power back, you are more empowered in your life.

You do not need to have read a copy of “How to Be Well” to be able to take part, but it would be a great accompaniment and support as you work.

This class is pre-recorded so you can work through it in your own time and take as long as you need, and go as deeply into it as you wish.

The class is divided up into six sessions over six weeks:

  1. Who are you, the wellness scale and working with your Biofield
  2. Working with, reorganising and clearing emotional energies
  3. Power – you are powerful, what does power mean to you, power retrieval
  4. Healing the relationship you have with yourself
  5. Healing the energetics of your relationships with other people
  6. Connecting to joy, creating healthy boundaries, releasing unwanted behaviours and family systems healing.
Here are a series of videos I made with Hay House based on my book How to Be Well

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Class investment is €150 ( USD $170, UK £130)

Each class is composed of an hour long audio file, a worksheet and a homework sheet. All you need to do is get yourself a notebook and show up for the work. There is a supporting Facebook group where students can support each other through the work, and I will be available for questions and answers from time to time on the Facebook group too.
If you take action and make the changes you’re encouraged to make in this class you could:

  • improve and upgrade the quality of your life
  • improve and upgrade your self worth
  • learn how to look after yourself
  • improve the relationship you have with yourself
  • improve the relationship you have with other people


In this class you will learn how to clear and cleanse your energies, how to take your power back from people places and from things, how to raise your self-worth and how to create healthy boundaries in relationships.

AND – There will be Healing!

Included in each audio class is an embedded healing session with me, where you have an opportunity to shift what is in the way of your happiest life now. All you have to do is give permission, open and receive the healing. And you get to keep the audio to listen to again and again!

This is a fully comprehensive class, and it only covers one third of the material in How to Be Well – there will be two more classes coming so stay tuned!
PLEASE NOTE: This class is for you, to teach you how to heal yourself, be more present and empowered in your life and to embrace the joy, love and support that is here for you.

This class is not about healing another person, nor will it qualify you to be a healer. It is not a substitute for one to one therapy. If you are in an abusive relationship this class alone may not be enough to help you move through it.  I encourage you always to ask for professional help if you feel you need it.