Heal Your Inner Wounds Online Healing Intensive

Be supported by me as you do the work of my book, Heal your Inner Wounds

I know how hard it is to work alone. My book Heal your Inner Wounds has so much work in it I don’t want you to feel alone while you are doing it. Join me for 7 intensive online group sessions where I will support you through the work of the book, cover MORE than the book, and bring in healing. Lots of healing.

Chapter 1 – Heal Your Inner Child

3 group sessions over 3 weeks, starts June 11th 2019

Your Inner Child Needs Your Love

 We are born, we grow, and we all experience different things as the children that we were. When we didn’t get what we needed or wanted as a child, a part of us froze in time and is carried through to us here, now, even though we are adult.

Learning how to recognise the inner child in ourselves, and to work with it, heal it, transform it is some of the most rewarding healing work you can ever do.

We all have different child-like energies – the caregiver, the magical thinker, innocent and playful, and when we have a lack of fun and joy in our adult life, it is possibly due to inner wounding.

In my book I look at:

  • The Abandoned Child – learning how to give and receive love
  • The Caregiver Child – learning how to say no
  • The Wounded Child – learning how to have fun without guilt

I will cover all of these archetypes in this session and more – possibly including

  • The Magical Child – when you feel you don’t fit in
  • The Invisible Child – not wanting to be here at all
  • The Nature Child – not being able to be present in life

And of course if you sign up to be part of the live sessions there will be an opportunity to contribute to the group energies, and that means you and your inner child will get the healing you need.

Based on my many  years as a therapist, I draw from my client work and my own personal healing journey. Working with the material in my book and with the material from the group we will go on a journey into the inner child, to a landscape of hope, magic and love, to heal what is aching, to rekindle a relationship with joy, to heal your inner child wounding.

It does not matter whether you have worked with me before, or not. All you need to bring with you to this online intensive is your intention to heal.

We will connect to you, the responsible adult, and give you the resources you need to be able to hold your inner child, to connect to the love that is here for it, and for you.


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I will have the recordings available in my web shop in the next few months. Stay tuned for Chapter Two - your Inner Teenager!

When you heal your inner child, you need to be ready to have more fun, a higher level of vibrant health, and less dependancy on others for your happiness levels.
Your life will change – are you ready?

What to expect from the Online Intensive

Heal your Inner Child will run for 3 weeks in total. There will be an optional secret, private Facebook group for all who take part. There may be homework and follow ups for each session  – I always work with you, and the energies of the group to make this a truly interactive experience.

You will need to make an account with Ruzuku, and all healing sessions take place on the Ruzuku platform. You will be guided as to how to do this when you sign up. If you need help with your Ruzuku account, please contact support@ruzuku.com

Each session will run from approx 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on what comes up in session. All sessions will be recorded. If you cannot be present in the live session you may still take part through email feedback, Facebook group requests and discussions. Everyone will get an audio replay to keep forever and listen to again as often as they wish. Please remember that these recordings will be available for sale in my webshop after the event has ended.

Healing your Inner Child

  • First session – Meeting your Inner Child  – June 11th, Tuesday at 6pm Irish Time. We will look at all the different types of inner child wounding, how that wounding spills into the adult, there will be a deep healing session to release fear around healing and to connect you to your inner child aspect. We will close with some homework for you to do between sessions.
  • Second session – Releasing Child-Like Patterns – June 18th, Tuesday at 6pm Irish Time. We will look at how your wounding plays out in your adult self, there will be a deep healing around releasing you from the energetic patterns of this wounding, and doing a power retrieval so you are more able to stand fully in your power as the responsible adult that you are. Then we will reconnect to the wounded child so you can hold and heal them yourself.
  • Third session – Coming into Balance – June 25th, 6pm Irish Time. There will be follow up from the previous sessions, I will cover any questions that people have had during the healing sessions, and we will look at how your empowered responsible adult can support yourself in day to day life, while holding and supporting your inner child. There will be more clearing and healing, and another chance to release and transform what is in the way of you embracing joy.

I reserve the right to change the above content depending on what comes up in the group. It is possible that working with me in these group sessions may bring up emotional pain from your past, depending on the journey that you have had. These sessions are not a replacement for conventional medicine, or for one to one therapy. Even though these sessions will be recorded your privacy will be respected at all times.

I will offer a special reduced rate for all participants on my distance pure energy healing sessions for the duration of the intensive. And if you require follow up one to one sessions after the intensive is complete, please be aware that I am unavailable during the month of July, but will endeavour to offer whatever additional help I can.

How much will this cost?

When we speak in terms of cost and price I feel at times the cost of not investing in yourself can be a greater price on your well being than the value you place on the money that you spend. However we need to talk money too, and I don’t like to mess around so the total fee for this programme is €150 [$169]There is an early bird of €120 [$135] if you use the coupon code and pay by the end of May. EARLY BIRD IS NOW CLOSED. If you’re a member of my online group healing sessions you can get the sessions for €100, if you have ever done a bootcamp with me, or if you’re a patron on my Patreon page, you can get access to the intensive sessions for €80

You can pay in full, or choose a payment plan – €50 per week for 3 weeks (see below). I am also available to discuss it further with you if this programme appeals to you and money is an issue. Let’s work something out. Send an email to me abby@abby-wynne.com  and we can talk about it.

How I work:

I work in a Shamanic way which means that I connect to the energies of the group, and I connect to a source of Grace and unconditional love. I create a loving space for anyone that comes to receive healing so they feel safe to do so, and I deliver messages for the group, for both mind and Soul. Every time I do this it is different, the information can be unexpected so I don’t know exactly what the sessions will bring! Come along and find out!

Registration closed

I will have the recordings available in my web shop in the next few months. Stay tuned for Chapter Two - your Inner Teenager!

About the Online Intensive Sessions

There are 7 chapters in Heal Your Inner Wounds, and starting June 2019 I will run online intensives for each of them. Each intensive will be 3-4 sessions long, each session will be in the form of a webinar which will take from 60-90 minutes depending on the content. There will be context, healing and time for Q&A in each session. There will be a private Facebook group for the participants of each separate intensive. It would help you to have a copy of my book, Heal your Inner Wounds, but it is not necessary.

The topics I will cover are:

  • Your Inner Child
  • Your Inner Teenager
  • Your Young Adult
  • The Divine Masculine
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Your Darkness
  • Your Light

The energy of each of the topics here is quite different, so each online intensive will be quite different. Some will be 3 sessions long, some will be 4. I reserve the right to allow the energy of each topic to unfold as it will. We will cover the material in the book and go deeper into the group process, working with whatever comes up at the time.

You do not have to sign up for all of the intensive courses. I will run them one at a time with a good break in-between so there will be time for you to process and embody the work.

If you join me for an intensive session, we will work as a group and work with the group energies. This will be your opportunity to be seen and heard, to have your input into the content and to experience being in the live group sessions. The sessions will be in the form of webinars using the Ruzuku platform.


These webinars will be recorded and the audio files will be made available for sale in my webshop after the course has ended. For this reason you must be aware that I will endeavour to keep your private information anonyomous. These are GROUP SESSIONS. If you would prefer to work one to one with me if issues come up for you during the sessions, there will be opportunity to schedule private sessions with me after or instead of these group sessions.

Your inner work is the most important thing you will ever do in your life.

I am a healer and I can help you heal, but I am here as your guide, not to fix it for you. You must be responsible for your own healing process. For this reason you must be fully aware of what it is we are intending to do before you sign up, and to have the support you need around you while you do the work of the sessions.

Registration closed

I will have the recordings available in my web shop in the next few months. Stay tuned for Chapter Two - your Inner Teenager!

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