Online Healing Intensive

5 weeks, 4 sessions, transform your life

Have you ever wanted to heal an issue, have group support, but stay in the comfort of your own home?
The healing intensive sessions have all the ingredients you need for just this – 4 healing webinars over 4 weeks with one week preparation before we begin. I have the map of the “how”.
Are you ready to change your life?

Embracing Joy – Online Healing Intensive

1 week of pure energy healing and 4 group healing sessions over 5 weeks with Abby Wynne, Starts November 13th 2018.

Embracing Joy Online Intensive

There is so much focus right now on fear and pain, anger and hate, have you noticed? Has it affected you too? In ways that you know and ways that you don’t yet know?

The healing work that I’ve been doing in my client sessions is mostly around clearing anxiety, shame, guilt and pain. I’m sure you’ve been feeling it too – increased emotional sensitivity, increased fear levels, your body out of balance, feeling like something is wrong…

But the Autumnal sunshine is just beautiful, the roses are still growing in my garden and the colours of the leaves with the sun behind them lifts my heart. There is beauty in the world, and we need to focus on it so that we can remember that it is there, and give ourselves permission to feel it.

Wouldn’t you like some support to let go of the fear, clear it out of your system, realign yourself to love, and to experience joy? Time is passing by – this is our life now, its not a rehearsal. There is pain and fear in the world yes, but it has always been there, and it will be there for years to come.  So ask yourself now – when are you going to get your happy life?

I believe that you have to work for a happy life before you can get one. I’ve done a lot of work on myself, and with clients, and I’ve helped thousands of people feel happier in their lives. But that’s not enough. I want to take it one step further.

Why Joy? Why Now?

I think we are afraid to be joyful in our lives, that the vibration of joy is something that we are interested in, but shy away from. Right now there seems to be such a lot of hate and fear in the world. But now is the best time to bring joy in, as it is needed more than ever.

I want to offer something new, something different – something lighter, that will bring more joy into the lives of everyone that says “yes” to it. Something that will be tailored to your needs, that will help you centre and calm yourself, and really put you on the pathway of bringing joy in. It’s up to you – I can help you , but you have to do this yourself. I have the map of the ‘how” – are you ready to change your trajectory?

This is my first time to offer this online healing intensive – 4 sessions over 4 weeks with a preparation week filled with beautiful, distance healing. Rather than focus on fear, let’s focus on joy, on love, contentment and happiness and work towards transforming and releasing all that is in the way of that so we can truly feel present, safe and clear in the world.

What to expect from this Programme:

We will run for 5 weeks in total. There will be a secret, private Facebook group for all who take part. There may be homework and follow ups for each session  – I always work with you, and the energies of the group to make this a truly interactive experience.

  • November 13-19th – Preparation week – simple, beautiful distance healing energies that will be offered to you once a day in a daily email before the sessions start to prepare you for the work that we are going to do.
  • First session is Releasing Fear of Joy – November 20th, Tuesday at 6pm. We will look at the fears around embracing joy, change your magnetism, realign your energies so you’re no longer afraid of fear, do some ancestral healing and work with whatever else comes up in the group.
  • Second session is Soul Contracts – November 27th, Tuesday at 6pm. Here we will look at the reasons why you’ve come to earth – the lessons you’ve signed up to learn, the experiences that you have signed a contract to carry out. We will go into the work of the Soul Contract – changing what you’ve signed up to so you can move away from painful relationships and the belief that you are not worthy to live your happy life now.
  • Third session is Embracing Joy – December 4th, 6pm. Why wait? Let’s do it now! There will be follow up from the previous two sessions, where I will look at what has come up for the group both as a group, and for individuals. There will be more clearing and healing, and another chance to release and transform what is in the way of you embracing joy.
  • Fourth and final session is – Embody the F* out of that Joy – December 11th at 6pm. As we shift and transform our fears and move more into joyful living, this final session of the 4 is to consolidate, solidify, close off loose ends and boost your confidence that you can do this yourself. Because you will be able to after all the work we will have done!

How much will this cost?

When we speak in terms of cost and price I feel at times the cost of not investing in yourself can be a greater price on your well being than the value you place on the money that you spend. However we need to talk money too, and I don’t like to mess around so the total fee for this programme is €200.

I have a discount code for anyone that has done a bootcamp programme with me to avail of €50 off!! AND I have a discount code for anyone that has done an Online Group Healing Session with me to avail of €30 off. You need to contact me to receive the codes so I can verify your email address. Email me for the code.

You can pay in full, or choose a payment plan – €50 per week for 4 weeks (see below). I am also available to discuss it further with you if this programme appeals to you and money is an issue. Let’s work something out. Send an email to me  and we can talk about it.

How I work:

I work in a Shamanic way which means that I connect to the energies of the group, and I connect to a Source of Unconditional Love. I create a loving space for anyone that comes to receive healing so they feel safe to do so, and I deliver messages for the group, for both mind and Soul. Every time I do this it is different, the information can be unexpected so I don’t know exactly what the sessions will bring! Come along and find out!

Registration is now open!

Pay the full amount here to secure your place.

I have a discount code for anyone that has done a bootcamp programme with me to avail of €50 off!! AND I have a discount code for anyone that has done an Online Group Healing Session with me to avail of €30 off. You need to contact me to receive the codes so I can verify your email address.  Email me for the code.

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Avail of my Payment Plan and pay over 4 weeks

PAYMENT PLAN: You can pay in 3 instalments of €50 EUROS over 4 weeks with PayPal.  Click the “Buy Now” button and PayPal will set it up for you. The first payment is due upon signup. On receipt of your first payment I will add you to the course programme and you will receive an invitation to join us on our learning platform, RUZUKU. If you don’t receive the invite do check your SPAM folder, or get in touch with me via email:

€50 per week for 4 weeks

Testimonials for my Online Healing Sessions

I was worried because I couldn’t make the live webinar, but I downloaded the replay and listened to it. Wow! I was amazed, the tears rolling down my face, I loved it. I felt shiny and bright afterwards. And I listened a second time and it was even better. Thank you so much 🙏🏻

Abby, just wanted to say how powerful the webinar on soul loss/recovery was. I felt very different afterwards! Thank you.

After the Family Healing session my sister who I have not heard from in 2 years phoned me to say hello. It was remarkable! So many changes happen when we heal ourselves – I’m definitely coming back for the next one!

I found the webinar very empowering, I felt my body change and I cried as I listened to it the first time. I have also gained a lot from listening to it again too. I’m feeling bigger and stronger. Thanks

I felt dizzy and tired after the session, I went to bed early and woke up the next day feeling like something was different, something had changed for the better. Then I realised, it was me! Really good value for €10. Thank you for all that you do.

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