Healing for Healers

If you’re a healer, you need healing too! Let me help you look after yourself .

Why Do You Need To Clear Your Energy?

Are you a psychotherapist, energy healer, complementary therapist, coach or mentor that’s constantly seeing clients? 

  • Do you feel drained at the end of your workday? 
  • Do you find yourself hanging onto your clients’ energy hours after the sessions are over?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your soul, your passion and your light from years of giving?

It is possible that you are picking up heavy energy from your clients and it is affecting you. This energy sticks to your personal energy field and you bring it home with you. Over time it can lead to exhaustion, burnout and depression. It is also a reason why many care givers find it so difficult to leave their work, at work. Sometimes a client’s energy can remain in your energy field long after you have left that client, and you might find yourself constantly worrying about them, because you are still picking up their energy. This makes it very difficult for you to relax. If your client is in emotional pain, your mind may pick up the source of emotional pain and make it your own, this is a very human thing to do – we need to make sense of things. But the pain you are feeling might not be yours at all, and if you clear your energy, you get back to yourself again.

You may not be aware, but when you work with people you work with their mind, their body, AND their energy.

Most healers are empathic – this means that they can feel their client’s feelings and know what they are not saying. This makes them better at their jobs, but if you as the healer doesn’t clean up your own energy regularly, you could end up with a dark, heavy and damaged energy field.

You can take off dirty clothes and wash them, you can wash your body in a lovely hot shower, but this does not clean up your energy field. And if you don’t look after your energy field while your clients continue to feel better, you feel heavier and worse over time.

People do not tell you this but it is a fact – no matter what your healing modality may be, your clients come to you feeling bad and leave feeling better, they also leave behind heavy energy which you are then suceptible to. This is energy such as anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, sadness and grief which can leave a residue in your healing space, it can attach to you, and if you’re not careful, it will weigh you down and over time, lead to burn out, illness and depression.

As you can see from the illustration, a healthy vibrant energy field is what you need to have in order to keep fresh, energetic and enthusiastic about life. If you do not currently have an energy clearing practice, I am here to help you learn how to do it for yourself. And on the days where you’re just too tired and drained, I can do it for you.

It is my pleasure to be here and to facilitate you, so that you can go back out into the world and do what you do best, and remember why you love it.

    I want to help you help yourself.

    You’re doing incredible work and what you have to offer the world is important. But as you get weighed down by the energies your clients leave behind, you disconnect from your self-worth and forget how valuable you are. Just as you encourage your clients to invest in themselves and come to see you, you need to invest in yourself too. And I’m talking about investing the most important thing that you have in yourself – your time.

    You might not know how to clear your energy yourself, so I have a few suggestions of where you can start.

    Welcome to the 3 step Healing-for-Healers Experience

    For the solo journey 

    1. MEDITATE: Grab your favorite beverage, a cozy blanket and set aside the next 5-10 minutes, you deserve this. Hit play on any one of my FREE signature SoundCloud meditation recordings which you can find here. https://soundcloud.com/abby-wynne
    2. READ: Self-diagnose areas of leaky energy, follow the step-by-step exercises and reclaim your whole-self from an array of healing books. Find which one is speaking to you. https://abby-wynne.com/abby-wynnes-book-page/
    3. SELF-GUIDED HEALING SESSIONS: Created to help you go even deeper into relaxation and rejuvenation. https://abby-wynne.com/abbys-shop/the-healing-sessions/

    But what if you are too exhausted to do this for yourself?

    It’s true, sometimes you just are not able to do this for yourself. I want to share a little bit about my background and how I realised that maintaining a healthy energy field is such a necessary part of maintaining a healthy business.

    My Story

    I’ve been running a private therapy practice for 10 years. In that time I realised that there were only so many clients I could take on per week, and only so many weeks per year that I could work, before I would burn out.

    I also learned that these are just numbers, and that it really was the quality of my energy field that dictated the number of clients that would come see me. When I was feeling great, I would become completely booked out. When I was feeling not so great, people would cancel. I soon learnt that I needed to invest time in my own self care practice if I wanted my therapy practice to be successful.

    There were lots of tell-tale signs, however, that I needed to go deeper with my self-care. For example, clients would show up with exactly the same issues that I was experiencing at that time. Or I would find myself becoming nervous or anxious before seeing people, for no specific reason that my mind could pinpoint. And as time went on, I found myself becoming resentful, I had a lower and lower tolerance for people, my kindness and compassion levels had dropped significantly.

    If you’re seeing clients and your body language and energy says that you don’t want to be in the room with them, then why do they want to be in the room with you? I had to do something, because I knew beneath the tiredness, the aches and pains and the low-level almost constant anxiety, that I was a gifted and talented therapist and that nothing in the world made me happier than helping people.
    It was an ordinary weekend, and I had a full client load booked in for the following week, when I lost my cool at home. I was angry and upset, I lashed out at my family for no reason. I felt terrible, I was sorry, and then the cancellations came in, 3 and 4 at a time until my whole week was suddenly empty of clients. I felt an obligation to my family to never let myself be that way again at home, so I upgraded my self care.

    I took more time off, rescheduled my availability so that I wasn’t ‘on call’ every day, and I set boundaries around dealing with phone calls and emails. Then I looked at my energy, and that is when I hit the jackpot. With a regular cleansing and clearing practice, I began to feel brighter in myself. The client’s started booking in again, and I had more energy, my kindness and tolerance levels increased. I enjoyed my 2 days off each week, and I loved the 3 client days that I had scheduled, and my clients loved them too. They still do! And my clients energy and my energy no longer stay tangled together, they take their issues away with them, and I can meet them cleanly, where they are with their own process. Not being in fear that I will pick up any of their thought forms, behaviours or emotional pain. That was the game changer.

    Some of these things you can put into practice right away yourself, like the scheduling and boundaries, but other things take time for you to learn. That’s why I’m here, to help you. Because sometimes I know you’re too busy to do your own energy healing practice, I’ve got your back. And I also know that many people have heard about spiritual hygiene, but don’t know how to do it, or where to begin. I have a framework, and lots of tools that can help empower you to learn.

    And, let’s face it, sometimes you need a healer too. Healers need healers, we expect our clients to ask us for help, and we need to be able to ask for help when we need it. That’s my job, to be a healer for the healers. I can teach you how to keep yourself at your best, and to help you get there. And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, I can do healing for you, so you get back your energy, enthusiasm for your client practice, and get back out there and do what you do best.

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