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The Inner Compass Trilogy

Book 1 – Awakening

A Novel by Abby Wynne

About This Book

I have always wanted to write a novel. This book is about Marissa Tori Rosenthal, Dublin born, on a journey of enlightenment as she seeks the knowledge she needs to bring the magic back into her life.

I hope it unlocks the magic in your life, too.

Praise for “Awakening”

Awakening is an excellent book for women to help them discover their spiritual path, and guide them through this often confusing journey of awakening. The story has great pace, wonderful story-telling and is the perfect tone. It’s like a gentle dawning of awareness as the reader learns about spirituality and healing alongside Marissa. I really could relate to Marissa as she slowly develops her spiritual and healing abilities. I loved how Abby handled mental health too. I especially liked that the book is more of a self-love story, rather than a traditional ‘love’ story, but I like that there are love interests in there as well.
Charlotte Reed, May the Thoughts Be With You

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