Meet Abby

Shamanic Psychotherapist, Energy Healer, Author, Teacher
I am a Shamanic Psychotherapist, weaving all of my skills together to work with what is right here in front of me, right now.  I am a catalyst for people’s healing processes, a problem solver, a creative artist, an alchemist, a healer, a mother, a daughter, a lover of life.
We are more than we think. You can talk about something until the cows come home and all you’re doing is talking about it; I have learnt how to transform it, irreversibly.

I have a masters in science, a degree in psychotherapy and I was a course designer, an instructional designer and an applications trainer. I even worked for a time as an editor. I set up my private healing practice in 2010 and I’ve been growing and changing how I work, the practice has grown and changed with me, so I now have many online offerings as well as continuing to see clients on a one to one basis.

I’ve been certified up to practitioner/teacher level in mindfulness, shamanism, reiki, seichem, coaching, psychotherapy, counselling and group facilitation. But I know that knowledge is nothing without understanding, and practice. That’s wisdom in action. I also design websites, design magazines and do desktop publishing, teach people social media skills and (according to my husband and at least 2 of my 4 children) I cook the best risotto in the world!

Heal the world by teaching people how to heal themselves

I live in Dublin with my husband, 4 children and our dog. I never post photos of them on my social media feeds as I want them to have their privacy. We grow our own food, we have lots of love in the house and all my children are best friends with each other – we live as we speak, we walk our talk. Congruence, authenticity, as within, so without, is difficult but the most rewarding way to live. And when you work with me I connect to the responsible adult in you, teach you that you are more complex than you think, show you how to become the mother/father to the parts of you that need parenting, and how adults can have fun too. The freedom is incredible – and bringing that freedom and lightness into everything you do is your soul’s purpose.


I’m always working on something, here is a list of the books I have published so far:

  • Heal your Inner Wounds (coming out April 2019) Llewellyn Worldwide
  • The Book of Healing Affirmations, January 2019, Gill Books
  • One Day at a Time Diary 2019 (coming out July 2018) Gill Books
  • One Day at a Time Diary 2018, Nov 2017, Gill Books
  • A-Z Spiritual Colouring Affirmations, with Megan Wynne; July 2017 CreateSpace
  • How to Be Well, April 2016, Hay House
  • Energy Healing Basics, April 2015, Hay House
  • Spiritual Tips for Enlightenment, August 2014, CreateSpace
  • Energy Healing for Everyone, July 2013, Balboa Press


Healing Programmes Self-Paced / Scheduled

Being a course designer early in my career has given me the ability to create building blocks for people that are easy to understand, immediatly practical and solve problems! I understand the different learning technqiues and try to provide both visual and audio materials to help people on their inner journey of growth.

  • How to Be Well the Online Class part one
  • 5 Days to Raise your Vibration
  • 21 Day Raise your Vibration Bootcamp
  • Online Healing Intensive


You can also find my meditations and healing works on YouTube, SoundCloud and InsightTimer. Come join me on Social Media. I post frequently on my Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter. You can read my weekly energy tips emails, where I send you an inspiration, an exercise, or a meditation to help you feel better – just click here to sign up.

It’s all here for you. All you need to do is take the first step.

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