Abby on Video

Meditations, thoughts, interviews and even a short documentary!

I have a YouTube channel where I add videos from time to time. When the weather is good and the energy is flowing, I go Live on Facebook! I’ve got different types of videos on different themes, mostly slowing down, breathing and meditating, along with sharing views of the Irish countryside or just filling you in on what I’m doing now.

I’d like to share some of of my videos here with you, they are of varying lengths and subjects, feel free to browse and have fun


In the Therapist’s Chair

Videos by me on different subjects both chosen by me and by you, too! You can find more on my YouTube Channel.

Short Documentary

I was the subject of a short documentary by some film students, the premise being that mental illness can be a form of spiritual awakening.

Facebook Meditations

These videos are either live or pre-recorded especially for my Facebook page.
You can find more of them on Abby’s Energy Healing Page.

Facebook Live!

I love to go live, chat to people in real time, do healing and I’ve been having fun doing walk-through’s for my One Day at a Time Diary.
You can find more on my Facebook Page

Interviews of me on YouTube

Hay House Videos