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There have been so many testimonials for my work that for me, seeing them all in one place is overwhelming! I’ve scattered them throughout the website, but felt that I should share some of them here too. Click a topic below to read the testimonials.

One to One Healing Sessions
“I can’t believe the panic attacks have stopped completely. I feel like I can live again, with Abby’s help I have even worked through the fear of fear itself. Thank you”

“I wake up in the morning now and look forward to the day, its like I’ve changed, the negative part of me has dissolved away. It’s wonderful”

“I felt for the first time since the break up that I was back to myself. I got some part of myself back that had left me. Now I feel like I can begin again.”

“I came to Abby at a very dark moment in my life. Through energy work and counselling Abby helped me to bring light and hope into my life again. I’ve had a difficult relationship with my mother and Abby has helped me find a lot of peace within this relationship. She has also helped me find peace with my inner child and to value myself more. She really helped me to believe in myself as an individual and to respect my hopes, dreams and purpose in life. Abby has a very holistic and caring approach and I felt in capable hands within her care”

“I was tired of going around in circles. I had been in Counselling for over a year and felt that nothing was moving for me. Shamanism was just the push I needed. I feel like a new door has opened and all I have to do is take the first steps. Thanks Abby!”

“Abby explained Soul Retrieval really well to me, it made sense. When we did the work together I really felt the energy return to my body. I’ve felt happier and more whole ever since. It’s difficult to explain. I’ll be forever grateful for the experience.”

“My session with Abby was magical. After talking for a bit, Abby was able to sense what was going on for me and together we could heal it. I feel like my life began for real the minute I left her healing room.”

Online Classes
“That was the most powerful thing I have ever experienced when I’ve not been in the same room as the teacher. It was wow. Pure amazing. I can’t get over it!”

“You are a gifted healer, Abby. I wish you all success as you bring healing and joy to others… may more and more people benefit from your gifts.”

“So glad I took time for myself to do this webinar, first of my baby steps..thank you x”

“I just have that knowing deep inside that this class, well, it changed my life. No other way to say it. There is no going back. I’m so excited, and a little scared. You’re so right Abby, we do have fears to living our best life now, and with you on my team I just know I can do it!”

Healing Meditation Mp3
“Now I listen to “You are a Shining Light” several times a week – it helps me calm down, helps me go to sleep, it helps me feel like me again.”

“I have the SoundCloud app on my phone, I listen to you all the time. I love Clearing Financial Fear, since I was listening to that I’ve felt much more confident and money has come in too!”

“Your Chakra Cleansing Mp3 is brilliant. I usually feel a little bit sick after listening but that passes, I know it’s good, I know it’s the yukky stuff working its way out of me. So powerful. Just what the doctor ordered!”

“When I listen to Open your heart to yourself I feel instantly relaxed. I remember not to be so mean to myself. Wow, do I really think that way? That’s not right! Thank you thank you my heart flower is wide open!”

“If it wasn’t for your SoundCloud tracks I don’t know how I would get through the day. I find myself reaching for them while I’m in work when anxiety strikes me. The fact they are so short means that I know that I can feel better quickly. Much better than taking Paracetamol! Thank you for all that you do!”


Mentoring and Social Media
“I’d be lost without the help I got from Abby. I have increased my Twitter followers by over 3 thousand people, I’m now handy with Instagram and I’m more confident on Facebook. This is the way things are going now, if you’re not on Social Media you can’t get the clients, or the publishers!”

“I couldn’t get organised, I knew what I needed to do, but I didn’t have the get up and go to do it. After my session with Abby I felt my blocks were removed, that I had nothing holding me back. I picked up the phone and made that call, I went to a networking event and I even met someone that I think can be a good collaborator for my business. If you’re looking for a deep, transformational session that can get your business up and running, look no further.”

“Abby got me started on Twitter, I didn’t know what a hashtag was or make heads nor tails of the interface. She showed me how to use the Twitter app on my iPhone and it’s so easy now – well worth the time to make small changes that make a big business impact!”

“Abby helped me set up my mailing list on MailChimp and helped me set up a subscribe button on my website – I feel like it’s all coming together!”

“Since Abby helped me set up my blog, Facebook page and Twitter account I’ve been meeting new clients and feeling like I can take on the world!!”

Pure Energy Healing Sessions
“Abby isn’t just Reiki – there’s always more. I always learn something about myself that I can work with, my life has really improved since I started on this journey.”

“I was nervous of what was going to happen. Abby explained everything clearly and was completely focussed on me. I trusted her and took a leap. I am so glad I did it – now I feel like I’m 6ft tall!”

“I wanted to give you an update since yesterday’s distance healing. My day went well and my partner and I had a lovely evening having dinner with some new friends. Last night I was able to go to sleep without any medication! I woke feeling well and have energy today!”

“When you began the room was grey – light streamed in, bright light – In my mind’s eye I saw a brilliant enormous sun – I feel calm. I feel different. I am very open to being healed now.”

“When my session was over I felt 6ft tall. I felt heavier because I was in my body more. The best bit was I felt very strong in myself, more confident. It was like coming home.”

“This is a beautiful, gentle treatment. I loved the different smells, I loved the feeling of peace and the effects continued for many days afterwards. I highly recommend Shamanic Reiki!”

“I didn’t know what to expect. I had tried Reiki before but this was different. I was able to talk to my body and release old issues I did not even know I was still holding onto. Wow. I am pain free, and I feel light and happy for the first time in years.”

“When I started to work with you I realised how disconnected I had become to everything. Energy Healing helped me reconnect; now I feel alive again”

“Thank you so much for the absent reiki healing today. It was very powerful and exactly what I needed. I hope that my love and light enhances others lives as your love and light enhances mine. Thank you so very much for the healing today.”

“Thank you Abby for your kind support yesterday 🙂 you truly are a brilliant and caring healer ! L&L to you and words don’t say it enough , but i send hugs n blessings to you xxx”

The Healing Sessions
“I listened to Heal your Anxiety and Get your Power Back. It had me in tears. I had to listen to it three times. My life has changed. I heard you were coming to the UK so I came here to meet you just to tell you this. My life is so much better now because of this track. Who would have known. Now you know.”

“Every time I listen to Deep Healing and Relaxing Sleep I know I don’t need to worry about whether or not I get enough sleep. It always helps me relax, and even on those rare times when I don’t sleep I feel replenished. My body is healing too. I feel stronger every day, I have more energy. Thank you for this amazing life-saver. I don’t regret purchasing it at all.”

“I tried your Soul Retrieval healing session on audio. Once I figured out how to get it onto my phone I felt safer knowing that I could take it everywhere with me. I fast forward to the healing bit. I always calm down and feel more grounded after listening to you. Thank you for making this, its like you made it especially for me.”

“I cry each time I listen to Healing an Aspect of Yourself. That’s how I know it’s working. It has taken time. Some days I don’t want to listen to it even though I did like you suggested and put a time appointment in my diary. But I find I am being nicer to myself now. That I don’t get so upset about the little things. And I also am realising that I don’t need to control the people in my life. As I heal those parts of me that needed love, with your help and guidance, I am releasing my need for others to give me what I need. And I’m so much happier for that.”

Healing is a release of control
You have to do your work
Shine your light

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