Personal Mastery Group Sessions

Experience the amplified energy of a Master Group

Personal Mastery Group Sessions – August 2019 – by Arrangement


I’m putting together a new offering to help you become the master of your life. It will cover mastering your emotions, your reactions in you daily life, your connections in your spiritual life, and your healing process. In each session everyone will have a chance to talk about what is going on for them, we will have some learning around it, and I will facilitate healing. Each session will be different and cover the needs of the group. We will learn from each other.

These are exclusive sessions, 90 minutes long with 4-8 people in a group, meeting every other week for 4 sessions. You must sign up for all 4 sessions. Each session costs €75, and if you buy all 4 sessions in advance you pay me €260

These sessions will speed up your healing process, keep you accountable to your inner work, and help you move through roadblocks and onto the next level. 

Everything that happens in the group is confidential and you will have to sign a confidentiality agreement. This keeps your information safe, and creates a space where deep healing can happen in the supportive amplified group energies.

If you’re interested in becoming part of a personal mastery group please email me and we can discuss it to see if you are a suitable candidate. If you have previously attended a one to one session or an online group session with me, I may be approaching you if I feel this offering will be of benefit to you. 

It’s time to make positive changes and transform that heavy emotional energy. I’m honoured to be part of your healing process.

If you would like to join a Personal Mastery Group, please get in touch!

This web form goes directly to a private email account and is not seen by anyone else. Please note that I cannot give readings or advice over email. Just tell me a little bit about yourself and why you'd like to be part of a personal mastery group.

I will respond as quickly as I can!

I will never pass your name or details onto a third party. Please read my Privacy Policy for more information.

Personal Mastery Sessions