Planting The Seeds

Poetry, Stories and Prayers

by Abby Wynne

Step into a world of fairy tales, healing prayers and poetry designed to activate and awaken, to stimulate your heart and to open your mind. There is healing here if you want it – are you ready?

About This Book

Illustrated by my daughter, Megan Wynne, this book is a cumulation of 20 years of my writings including poetry, short stories and prayers.

I hope you enjoy it, let it inspire you, open a pathway to healing, activate your inner knowing, and validate your healing process.

Praise for “Planting the Seeds”

“I just let the book fall open where it will and I know that it will have a message for me.” KM, USA

“Thank you for this beautiful book, it inspires me.” MJ, Ireland

“I knew when I held this in my hand for the first time that there was healing inside this book for me. I spent a whole day crying when I read one of the poems. It’s beautiful. Thank you for writing it.” SW, USA

“The first thing that I read was the Prayer for difficult people, boy did I need to read that! I’ve been using that prayer and it has given me strength and patience that I need to manage the difficult people in my family! Thank you Abby from the bottom of my heart.” GP, U.K.

“I loved the “song of woman 1,2&3.” I could relate to all of it. It was me. How did you know?” JD, France.

From the Inside….

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