Dragon Fire – Healing Bracelet

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This powerful bracelet calls on the energy of Dragon to help support you in your life. There are two types of bracelet here – Dragons facing inwards, to help you clear something that is going on within such as stuck energy or emotional imbalance, and Dragons facing outwards – to help protect and shield you from other people’s energies. Please make sure you’re clear about which style you want when you order.

The cost of this bracelet is €85. Please choose your Dragon Style before you add it to your cart.


Dragons are amazing mythological creatures, powerful and strong. The energy of Dragon is so helpful and supportive to us when we are on a healing journey. These bracelets are made to order based on your personal requirements, so each one is different to the photographs that you see here. Once you order from me I will tap into your personal energy field and see which stones you need to best suit your requirements. Some of the stones I may use include:

  • Turquoise – To help you listen to your inner wisdom and speak your truth
  • Rose Quartz – to help you connect to compassion for yourself
  • Rhodochrosite – for deep self nurturing and healing
  • Amethyst – to connect to your inner wisdom and psychic ability
  • Red Chalcedony – to invoke fire and protection
  • Orange Jade – to activate power and creativity
  • Obsidian – for protection and grounding
  • Red Jasper – for grounding and stability

I will add a photograph of your unique bracelet to my images gallery but I will not let anyone know who the bracelet is for.

Additional information

Weight 55 g
Dragon Style

Facing inwards to help clear something going on within you, Facing outwards to shield and protect your energy from others

2 reviews for Dragon Fire – Healing Bracelet

  1. Mim

    I received this wonderful bracelet as a gift. Initially, I just saw it as incredibly beautiful, but as time went on I found myself feeling a lot stronger. ( I have some health issues) I have the ‘Dragons facing out’ bracelet…it feels like I got some protection from it. This is a high quality, High vibration bracelet… I just love the dragons! I would highly recommend it as an unusual and sensitive gift. enjoy its Magic!

  2. M. Lennon

    I got the dragon facing in bracelet. I’ve got a lot of grief inside me, and I immediately felt supported by the dragon energy. It was as if they were there with me, lifting off layers and layers of it. It’s so comforting to look at the dragon bracelet it reminds me to ask them for help. It’s more powerful than I had imagined.

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