Energy Healing Made Easy

In this book I explain the basic concepts of energy healing and give you exercises and techniques for getting started right away.

The book is divided into three parts – Basic Concepts, Healing Practice and Where to go Next. You no longer have to look outside for someone to help you heal – with my book you can take the first steps yourself.

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Discover how to heal yourself, restore your energy and strengthen your health using the power of Universal Life Force Energy.

Energy healing is a powerful technique based on the principle that our physical body is only one part of our wellness picture – we also have an energetic body that affects our physical, mental and emotional health. In this book, gifted energy healer Abby Wynne explains how energy impacts you in your everyday life and how you can work with it to heal, rebalance and thrive.
You will learn:
– different established healing modalities
– exercises and techniques to unlock your potential as a healer
– how to use energy healing to improve your health, relationships and work environment
– how to release heavy energies taken on from other people
– tools to help you feel empowered, increase your self-esteem and feel in control of life situations
– how to use energy healing on yourself and your loved ones

This book was previously published as Energy Healing (Hay House Basics series).


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