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Aragonite is amazingly helpful for grounding and stablising your moods. I have 3 pieces that I have never used before and I feel they would be better with an owner than sitting on my shelf! They have been cleansed and healed and are ready for their new owner.

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Have a look at the largest of the samples here – it looks like it’s from another planet!


This awareness of Earth, Mother Gaia, Earth Goddess, or Mother Nature, will fill your heart with compassion, as a land we should honor, admire, and protect. Aragonite will help you feel the true heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Known as the “Conservationist’s stone,” Aragonite’s vibration encourages conservation and care for the planet, both helping the Earth and healing for you.

Aragonite is a sought-after stone because of its metaphysical properties. Aragonite is a stone of well-being that will invite abundance, prosperity, and peace into a person’s life.

People who own this gemstone also use it when they’re feeling depressed, sad, or isolated. It can help manage terrible mood swings.This stone can help a person set realistic dreams. It will work to bring calm and peace into a life that is full of noise, struggle, and chaos.Gemstone collectors and fanciers admire Aragonite because of its physical healing properties as well.

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