Healing an Aspect of Yourself

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Do you ever get cross or upset and act out when you don’t get what you want then wonder why you overreacted? Or do you have a deep-set fear of abandonment or rejection that doesn’t really make any sense? If you feel unloved at a deep level, it’s probably likely that a part of you, a child-part, is the part of you that needs healing.

You can talk about it as an adult, and many people do much therapy around this. They have the deep understanding behind it, but not the healing. Until you deliberately engage with the aspect of you that is hurting and heal the ache there, you will always be stuck in the same patterns. This healing session will help you create a safe space to do just that, and there is deep healing in the audio file to help you release the pain and receive the love that aspect of you has been craving for.


This is a healing session designed to help you release past trauma, anger and unforgiveness through all the different aspects of you, so you can open to allow more love into your life.

In this healing you will :

  • Be guided to relax your body and release stress
  • Journey to a safe space where you will receive healing
  • Meet with a part of you that needs your attention and love
  • Be guided how to work with this aspect of you, so you can release emotional pain you may be carrying in the present day from the past
  • Meet with your healed self in the future, to ask any questions you feel guided to
  • Relax and receive the love and healing that is here for you

If you give yourself permission to go deep and do your work, the healing will happen.

Know that every time you listen to this healing session you receive a deeper and deeper healing.

1 review for Healing an Aspect of Yourself

  1. M. Alverez

    I always forget to mind myself, this download is helping me learn how to look after myself better. I’m getting there now. It’s great to have a helping hand, that’s what I feel Abby does with these mp3 tracks. So glad that I can listen whenever I feel weak or upset.

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