Fire Quartz Palmstone


I love fire quartz, its very healing. This stone is filled with light and ready to go to its new owner. There is only one stone available, what you see here is what you will receive.

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Hematoid-Quartz is also known as a crystal of integration. It has the ability to balance your body, mind, and spirit, making it a very wonderful meditation crystal. It is a highly energetic crystal that will help you get rid of negative energies and transmute them into positive energies, as well as into the pure Universal light of love.

It brings you clarity and wisdom when it comes to your own emotions, helping you recognize how different a conscious response is from an unconscious reaction.Hematoid-Quartz will also guide you when you are lacking a healthy sense of self-respect or self-worth.

When you need focus and concentration, meditating with this crystal will help in stabilizing and grounding you.Hematoid-Quartz will boost your focus and concentration, especially if you have a short attention span or trouble seeing things to completion. Meditate with Hematoid-Quartz when you need to restore the balance or need some grounding action in your chaotic life.

If you are prone to anxiety attacks, panic attacks, or even hysteria, make sure that you use Hematoid-Quartz as one of your meditation crystals. This is a high vibration crystal and will work best in programming your intentions, magnifying your energies, and clearing the negativity in your auric field.

Meditating with Hematoid-Quartz will also strengthen your connection with your base chakra, as well as balance the whole chakra system. This crystal will help increase your motivation, improve your outlook towards life, and open your eyes to the limitless possibilities.

Hematoid-Quartz is a fantastic meditation crystal. It has a powerful calming effect that will support you in communicating with the spirit world and with astral travel, both of which rely on a calm, quiet, and attuned mind. From:

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