A-Z Spiritual Colouring Affirmations

“I love this book. It’s beautiful illustrated! I love the Affirmations. The exercises are very relaxing and really helps with coloring. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys coloring, relaxing and get in touch with ones inner self.”

“This book is so Amazing. The art work is awesome and the spiritual guidance and affirmations are very deep but simple. I am giving them as gifts and as a gift to myself as well. I really recommend that you get one for you and many for your Family and friends.”


Each letter represents a high vibrational energy. There is an introduction to each energy to set the tone (a bit like tuning up a musical instrument). Then, I offer you affirmations that read like poetry. You can say them out loud several times to really feel what the energy feels like. When you have a hold of it, ONLY THEN do you start to colour.

Choose your colours depending on how you are feeling, and while holding onto the energy of the affirmation, allow yourself to be transported into the drawings. Move smoothly from one shape to the next, one colour to the next, while repeating the affirmations and holding onto the healing energy. Each session can take you from 10 minutes to 45, depending on how complex your colouring becomes.


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