Shamanic Healing Techniques

Shamanic Energy Healing Techniques

Here is written only a fraction of what could be said on this subject! I’m keeping it as simple as possible, I have written many articles on this and talked about it in interviews so feel free to check out some of my written works and podcasts here.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism (/ˈʃɑːmən/ shah-mən or /ˈʃmən/ shay-mən) is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.[2] 

For me, Shamanism is listening to what is, and working with it to create something more beneficial for the world (and for the client!). The Shaman is a catalyst for change, going into the sub-consciousness of their clients and changing something for them that they cannot change for themselves.

It’s Spiritual Alchemy, where you take the lead, the unwanted, and transform it into gold, the gifts.

How do you become a Shamanic Healer?

I believe that true Shaman, or medicine men and women are born and awaken to their gifts and talents through their life experiences. They can be formally trained or not, but having formal training does not make you a Shaman.

My path to this work

I have never taken a mind-altering substance to work with Spirit, I don’t believe we need to anymore. I walk in two worlds – our “normal” reality, and the world of Spirit, which is limitless. When you work with the limitless and bring it to our limited reality, miracles can happen. You can read more about my journey here.

Shamanic Energy Healing works with the Soul

sunsetA soul is comprised of divine energy (chi, prana, life force, etc), it is the essence of who that person is without their physical aspect. Below find a brief description of some of the techniques that I may incorporate into an Energy Healing session, and sometimes I also incorporate them into a Shamanic Psychotherapy session.

Most of these techniques I teach to my clients if it’s appropriate, so they can bring them into their daily lives to ensure they can look after themselves better. My book, Energy Healing for Everyone lists many different techniques that you can learn for yourself without even having to come and see me for a session!

Shamanic Journey

The Soul does not speak with words, but with images. A Shamanic Journey is a voyage into the Soul, the land of SoulSpeak where we can commune with aspects of ourselves that are in emotional pain. We travel together to listen, to heal, to grow and transform these parts of ourselves for the greater good of all. A Shamanic Journey can be both of us travelling together into your soul energy, or I can go alone and bring back the information for you.

Soul Retrieval

When something frightens someone, their soul can split off, or fragment, into pieces. This is what happens during an out-of-body experience, part of someone’s soul actually leaves their body, and is outside it, watching what is going on. Some people can also experience this during sleeping or dreaming. After the incident is over, most of the fragmented soul pieces return back into the body safe and sound, but other times they do not. This is usually because the soul piece that was lost did not “feel” safe enough to return.

As time passes, people grow and change, and become a better “home” to for these lost soul pieces. Clients come to me to help them invite back any lost soul energy, as they are better able to take care of it now. During a Shamanic Soul Retrieval, I will go seeking the lost soul part, and bring it back to my client. As part of the journey, integration work is required, to ensure that clients maintain their new, healed energies. There may be additional Shamanic Healing sessions needed in advance of a Soul Retrieval, to “get the house in order”.

Power Animal Retrieval

During times of vulnerability, power animal energy can help you become stronger and more confident. The energy of Eagle can be gifted to help you fly above situations and see what is actually going on. Energy of Bear could be useful if you were going into a meeting where you needed to be able to hold your ground. Each animal has different qualities, a fly is just as powerful as a whale in Shamanic Terms.

During a healing session I may call upon the energy of a Power Animal for my client – the one that is right for them at this time in their life. The energy is a gift and it must be looked after, so after I help bring it into the client’s soul energy, we talk about the meaning of the animal itself, and ways that they can become a caretaker to the energy. All Power Animal Retrievals are gifted and may have hidden meanings that reveal themselves to the client over time.

When someone’s chakras are clear and spinning in a healthy way, they radiate all the colours of the rainbow. It gives their complexion a healthy look, they look much younger than their years, and they feel light in their body. It seems easy to be in the present moment, easy to see the positive side of things and happiness becomes a daily experience.

Cutting of Ties

When people are in relationship they may block each other’s true potential. Sometimes the healthiest thing to do is cut energetic ties. This is a great session to do if you’re leaving a job, moving house, or ending a relationship.

Chakra Illumination

Emotional energy can block chakras, either emotions that are being felt currently, or old ones that have been pushed away and not fully dealt with. You can pick up emotional energy from someone else, from a family member, a work colleague, or someone you don’t even know. The longer the emotional energy has stayed with you, the more crystallised it can become, and the stronger the blockages can be. A Chakra illumination involves removing blocked and stuck energies from your energy field, rebalancing and strengthening your energy anatomy so that you feel stronger, lighter, more balanced and available for life.

chakra symbols meditationShamanic Extraction

Shamanic Extraction is a way to remove old, stuck emotional energy blockages from the energy field. This results in improving the overall natural energy flow of the body. I may work with stones, with the breath, with Aura Soma essence or with crystals. Sometimes I get clients to participate in their healing process so that they recognise what the emotions are, honour them for the life lessons that they brought, and release them with grace and beauty as they no longer serve.

Past Life Healing

If you have any past-life issues that echo in your energy field we can remove them in an Energy Healing session. I look at clearing Karmic debt, vows of suffering, poverty and chastity, fears around specific objects/animals depending on what is needed. Each session is different and unique to the client and the situation.

Aura Cleansing

This is a technique from Seichem which is Shamanic in it’s nature. The Aura is removed so deeper healing can take place, and the Aura is cleansed removing any affinity for specific detrimental patterns such as bullying, abuse, addiction. Sometimes additional Psychotherapy sessions are required to help re-train the brain to ensure the patterns do not return.

How to Book a Session

If one of the above techniques resonates with you it is possible that it is for you, however there may be work to do to prepare you for it. Please don’t have an expectation based on the techniques I may use, your expectation to feel better is enough!

Email me [email protected] to arrange a booking. We CAN do all of these techniques over Skype so you don’t have to come into my healing room to experience them.