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Free Gift: pre-recorded healing session “Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Be Who You Are”

When you find yourself always looking outside of yourself, judging yourself and others, then you need to stop and pull yourself in. Realising the assumptions you are making can help eliminate difficult thought patterns and regroup, and look at what is real, and not what you are thinking is real. This track will help you bring your power back to this moment in time, right now, and then help you connect to your mind, heart and centre of power so that you can bring them into alignment.

I have recorded this track without backing music so you can create a quiet space for yourself and play something soft and soothing for yourself as you do this exercise. Or not! It’s totally up to you. My hope for you is that you will get what you need from this track and embody it over time, so that it becomes commonplace for you to:

A: Pull your power out of whatever is taking you from the present moment
B: Become a magnet for your own soul essence
C: Amplify your inner light
D: Connect to and heal your mind, heart and centre of power
E: Align your mind, heart and centre of power
F: Feel more grounded and centred in the moment, in the world and in your life.

How to use this track:

You can listen to this track as often as you wish. The more you listen, the more powerful it will be. For the best experience, please turn off all external stimulus and bring your full attention to the track. You may need to listen to it once or twice before you can really do this. Please note: this is a healing session, do not play it while driving or operating machinery.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FILE BELOW WITH A COMPUTER, NOT A MOBILE DEVICE! The download is a ZIP file, which is best downloaded on a computer (running Windows, Mac, or Linux) with a stable, high-bandwidth Internet connection. Once downloaded, the ZIP file can be unzipped, and the resultant MP3 file transferred onto any mobile device to play as often as you wish!

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