Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

Over the last few years my healing practice has become less about techniques and more about you and what you need in your life right now. If you book a session with me not only will we work towards helping you feel better, I will also empower you with the techniques and skills you need, so you can look after yourself better in your own life.

The only thing you need to bring when you come to see me is your Self.

If your battery is flat, I’ll recharge it. If there’s something broken, together we will fix it. I’m here to help you get yourself back on track with your life and in touch with your inner wisdom and personal power.

Bring all your issues in and lay them on the table with me in session. We can use energetic techniques to dissolve away the emotional pain, we can combine them with psychotherapeutic techniques to help you change your attitude to your situation, to help you set goals, or change your way of thinking.

Sessions unfold in a natural way and you will usually leave with skills to try, homework to do, and have a high vibrational energy of healing surrounding you so that you can attract in more of the things in life that you want.

“I thought the session was incredible. Way beyond expectations. I have seen a therapist for years, I see two, yes, two astrologers, I have a massage therapist and an acupuncturist. I see a lot of healers! I did not think a shift could happen so quickly. You were so efficient, like a spiritual surgeon. Thank you for the work that you do and for making that great space for me.” Andrea, USA (Skype session)

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September 23 – October 13 2015,
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Healing with Abby

I have healing solutions for you depending on your budget, from my free meditations on SoundCloud to booking a one to one session with me either face to face in Dublin, or over Skype. Click here to learn more.
Work directly with me by appointment to clear your blocks, your fears and to step into your best self. Click here to learn more.
 Get energy healing from me directly to your energy field, no appointment necessary. Click here to find out more. 
Join my energy healing circle and receive distance healing twice a month, for as long as you feel you need it! Click here for more. 

Heal yourself

 Learn how to create and stick to your own daily spiritual practice.  This is an intensive 3 week class which will transform your life. Click here to learn more.
You can purchase healing session audio files to download and use as many times as you need to. Click here to learn more. 
Ground yourself, clear your chakras, open your heart and expand your light. I have several meditations for you, depending on what you feel you need right now.  Click here to learn more.
I have three books available for you to learn how to heal yourself, and to bring healing into your every day life. Click here to learn more. 

I am based in 4 Fitzwilliam Square East, Dublin 2, Ireland. Sessions are 60mins.
I also offer phone/Skype sessions. Email: abby@abby-wynne.com or call +353 87 659 3626 to book.

There may be a waiting time of 2-3 weeks for a one to one session.
At least 24 hours notice of cancellation is required otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.

About Abby

I believe that our heart is the GPS system of our soul. If it’s ignored or switched off, we get lost.

I am a Shamanic Psychotherapist and Energy Healer, a published author and a Spiritual Teacher. I work in Dublin, Ireland, but see clients from all over the world via Skype. I am an accredited psychotherapist with the Irish Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling (IACP), I’m a Reiki and Seichem Master Teacher, a qualified Mindfulness practitioner and I bring healing and mindfulness into everything I do.

My  book, Energy Healing, is published by Hay House and available in all good bookstores. I have also self-published 2 books and have several meditations for download (which I also put together as a 2 CD set available from Amazon if you prefer!). My forthcoming book, “How to be Well”, is published by Hay House and available Spring 2016.

My Facebook page has over 135,000 people, come over and get to know me! I’m also on Twitter and Instagram.  Click here to read more about me.

What People Have Said About Working With Abby

“I can’t believe the panic attacks have stopped completely. I feel like I can live again, with Abby’s help I have even worked through the fear of fear itself. Thank you”
Peter, Dublin
“I wake up in the morning now and look forward to the day, its like I’ve changed, the negative part of me has dissolved away. It’s wonderful”
Carmel, Melbourne, Australia
“I felt for the first time since the break up that I was back to myself. I got some part of myself back that had left me. Now I feel like I can begin again.”
Maria, Ecuador
“Abby isn’t just Reiki – there’s always more. I always learn something about myself that I can work with, my life has really improved since I started on this journey.”
Liam, Dublin
“Abby is the real deal, she’s amazing ! Her work is serious and worth every penny. I trust her, this is the most important thing to get well : trust. After  trying so many different things in my life, I finally found Abby’s work. Thank you, Abby !”
Tina, USA
“I wasn’t sure about working over Skype, but as soon as the session started I could feel more relaxed and I felt less shaky in my bones. My boyfriend had left me and I was devastated, after only one session with Abby I felt calm, relaxed and more hopeful about life. Two sessions later and I was more like myself again, and learning how to look after me better! Wow Skype is amazing to connect you to the people that can help you – I highly recommend a session!”
Cynthia, London
“I was tired of going around in circles. I had been in Counselling for over a year and felt that nothing was moving for me. Shamanism was just the push I needed. I feel like a new door has opened and all I have to do is take the first steps. Thanks Abby!”
Richard, Dublin
“I was nervous of what was going to happen. Abby explained everything clearly and was completely focussed on me. I trusted her and took a leap. I am so glad I did it – now I feel like I’m 6ft tall!”
Samantha, Dublin
“I wanted to give you an update since yesterday’s distance healing. My day went well and my partner and I had a lovely evening having dinner with some new friends. Last night I was able to go to sleep without any medication! I woke feeling well and have energy today!”
Sandra, USA
“When you began the room was grey – light streamed in, bright light – In my mind’s eye I saw a brilliant enormous sun – I feel calm. I feel different. I am very open to being healed now.”
Elisabeth, USA
“When my session was over I felt 6ft tall. I felt heavier because I was in my body more. The best bit was I felt very strong in myself, more confident. It was like coming home.”
Robert, Dublin
“This is a beautiful, gentle treatment. I loved the different smells, I loved the feeling of peace and the effects continued for many days afterwards. I highly recommend Shamanic Reiki!”
Melanie, Dublin
“I didn’t know what to expect. I had tried Reiki before but this was different. I was able to talk to my body and release old issues I did not even know I was still holding onto. Wow. I am pain free, and I feel light and happy for the first time in years.”
Ash, Dublin
 “Abby explained Soul Retrieval really well to me, it made sense. When we did the work together I really felt the energy return to my body. I’ve felt happier and more whole ever since. It’s difficult to explain. I’ll be forever grateful for the experience.”
Norah, Dublin
“When I started to work with you I realised how disconnected I had become to everything. Energy Healing helped me reconnect; now I feel alive again”
John, Dublin
“My session with Abby was magical. After talking for a bit, Abby was able to sense what was going on for me and together we could heal it. I feel like my life began for real the minute I left her healing room.”
Sarah, Dublin


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