Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

Abby Wynne, Shamanic Psychotherapist

Hi! I’m Abby Wynne. I’m a Shamanic Psychotherapist, Energy Healer, Author and Teacher.

I show people how to connect their heart, mind and soul so they can live their happiest life. I’m a Hay House Author, my book, How to Be Well reached number one bestseller on Amazon.com in the stress management category!!

My mission statement is “Heal the World by Teaching People How to Heal Themselves” 

I have developed tools and services for you to help you on your healing journey right away. Yes – you can start right now! Download a healing session right from my website, try a healing meditation or sign up for an online class. And if you need something tailored specifically to fit your life situation, then do get in touch and we can organise a healing session together.

– About my One-to-One Sessions –

I love working one-to-one with clients, my healing practice is thriving and I take both skype and in-person appointments. I don’t work with specific issues, instead I work with people who want to heal. So, no matter what is upsetting you and keeping you from letting in joy, if you’re willing to look at it, I can help you shift it.

As well as blending Shamanism and Energy Healing, I use psychological techniques such as CBT and mindfulness because I believe you need to involve the mind, body, and soul for true healing to happen. As well as facilitating healing in session, I also mentor people to become their best selves and to live a heart-centred life. I can be anything from a business coach, a life coach, or even just a listening ear. There are a lot of things that I can do to help, I’m sure there’s something that I can help you with, too. Click here to find out more.

– How To Be Well – Online Class –

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This class is part one of three parts, we go well beyond the scope of the book. Part one focusses on healing and clearing your energy, getting your power back and family systems healing. There are six sessions over six weeks, with audio, homework and LOTS OF healing!! It’s all here for you to access right away. Click here to find out more.

– Healing Sessions for Download –


I have several healing sessions you can download and listen to right away to get you started on your healing journey. Click here for more.

What people have said about my book, How to Be Well

This joyful, healing book is like having a loving, wise personal guide take your hand and bring you on a journey from where you are to where you want to be. You will feel better just as you read, and how deep you go is up to you – it’s all here for the taking! You’ll love it!
How to Be Well, from the deep and delightful Abby Wynne, is full of elegant exercises and powerful practices designed to cultivate and keep your wellness alive. Let Abby gently guide you on the path of permission and promise to a life free of stress and full of joy.
With How to Be Well, Abby shares an array of wise and wonderful practical insights and exercises for enjoying holistic health in the real world. Not only will she help you get well, but equally important, Abby’s approach can help you to stay well for a wonderful life.
How to Be Well by Abby Wynne is a wonderful, grounded and practical guidebook to help us release those heavy energies that stop us from living a joyous life. A great read for anyone committed to lighting the world up with their presence.
Professionals in the healing arts and those who simply want an easy to follow, thoughtfully written guide to getting the best out of life, are in for a real treat! “How to Be Well” is going to change the way in which people approach their own health, allowing compassion for one’s personal history while teaching accountability for present day well-being. This book is an invaluable resource for those who are ready to create real and lasting changes in their lives.
Abby Wynne reveals a new promise through her book How to Be Well. By creating a steady ow of ideas derived from the human potential movement’s major thought streams, Abby takes us to an incandescent awareness. Significantly, she leads us to be the witness of our soul striving for wellbeing, light, evolution, freedom and love. What could be better than these gentle reminders about self-care, lying as gold within the deep seams of our potentially rich love?
Abby Wynne has written a such a wonderful, easy to understand and practical guide on how to become well. She answers the questions most other books do not. I just know this book will really help people on a fundamental level, and will therefore be a life changer for so many
It’s like reading a personal letter from a friend with some back up real life case studies. It’s packed with exercises that you will actually be bothered to do, as you’ll be inspired by Abby’s down to earth writing to make those changes. If you’re looking to lead an optimal life of vitality, Abby’s book will guide you to make that a reality.

Click here to find out more and buy a copy!

– It’s time for your happy life, now! –


Heart Centred Healing

When you come for a healing session, we go at your pace.

Working from the Heart

Don’t worry about what technique I may use, in fact, you don’t need to worry about anything at all. If you book a session with me, all you have to do is bring yourself. Click here to learn more.

Healing Books and Meditations

I have healing sessions and meditations on Mp3 that you can try right away, so you can experience healing for yourself right now.

Heal yourself right now!

Choose from Healing Sessions, Healing Meditations or buy my new Hay House Book. Click here to learn more.

Heart Centred Teaching

I teach classes, both online and in person.

Learning from the Heart

I love teaching, I have webinar classes, online email-based classes, secret Facebook groups and in-person events. Click here to learn more. 

– How to get in touch –

4 Fitzwilliam Square East, Dublin 2My rooms are at 4 Fitzwilliam Square East, Dublin 2, Ireland, but you don’t need to be in Ireland to have a session with me as I work over the phone or on Skype.

Email: abby@abby-wynne.com or call +353 87 659 3626 to book. At least 24 hours notice of cancellation is required otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.

About Abby

I believe that our heart is the GPS system of our soul. If it’s ignored or switched off, we get lost.

I am a Shamanic Psychotherapist and Energy Healer, a published author and a Spiritual Teacher. I have two books and an upcoming video class with Hay House Publishers. I am accredited with the Irish Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling (IACP), I’m a Reiki and Seichem Master Teacher, a qualified Mindfulness practitioner and I bring healing and mindfulness into everything I do.

My  book, Energy Healing, is published by Hay House and available in all good bookstores. I have also self-published 2 books and have several meditations for download (which I also put together as a 2 CD set available from Amazon if you prefer!). My new book, “How to be Well“, is now available to pre-order.

My Facebook page has over 135,000 people, come over and get to know me! I’m also on Twitter and Instagram.  Click here to read more about me.

– What people have said about working with me –

“I can’t believe the panic attacks have stopped completely. I feel like I can live again, with Abby’s help I have even worked through the fear of fear itself. Thank you”
Peter, Dublin
“I wake up in the morning now and look forward to the day, its like I’ve changed, the negative part of me has dissolved away. It’s wonderful”
Carmel, Melbourne, Australia
“I felt for the first time since the break up that I was back to myself. I got some part of myself back that had left me. Now I feel like I can begin again.”
Maria, Ecuador
“Abby isn’t just Reiki – there’s always more. I always learn something about myself that I can work with, my life has really improved since I started on this journey.”
Liam, Dublin
“Abby is the real deal, she’s amazing ! Her work is serious and worth every penny. I trust her, this is the most important thing to get well : trust. After  trying so many different things in my life, I finally found Abby’s work. Thank you, Abby !”
Tina, USA
“I wasn’t sure about working over Skype, but as soon as the session started I could feel more relaxed and I felt less shaky in my bones. My boyfriend had left me and I was devastated, after only one session with Abby I felt calm, relaxed and more hopeful about life. Two sessions later and I was more like myself again, and learning how to look after me better! Wow Skype is amazing to connect you to the people that can help you – I highly recommend a session!”
Cynthia, London
“I was tired of going around in circles. I had been in Counselling for over a year and felt that nothing was moving for me. Shamanism was just the push I needed. I feel like a new door has opened and all I have to do is take the first steps. Thanks Abby!”
Richard, Dublin
“I was nervous of what was going to happen. Abby explained everything clearly and was completely focussed on me. I trusted her and took a leap. I am so glad I did it – now I feel like I’m 6ft tall!”
Samantha, Dublin
“I wanted to give you an update since yesterday’s distance healing. My day went well and my partner and I had a lovely evening having dinner with some new friends. Last night I was able to go to sleep without any medication! I woke feeling well and have energy today!”
Sandra, USA
“When you began the room was grey – light streamed in, bright light – In my mind’s eye I saw a brilliant enormous sun – I feel calm. I feel different. I am very open to being healed now.”
Elisabeth, USA
“When my session was over I felt 6ft tall. I felt heavier because I was in my body more. The best bit was I felt very strong in myself, more confident. It was like coming home.”
Robert, Dublin
“This is a beautiful, gentle treatment. I loved the different smells, I loved the feeling of peace and the effects continued for many days afterwards. I highly recommend Shamanic Reiki!”
Melanie, Dublin
“I didn’t know what to expect. I had tried Reiki before but this was different. I was able to talk to my body and release old issues I did not even know I was still holding onto. Wow. I am pain free, and I feel light and happy for the first time in years.”
Ash, Dublin
 “Abby explained Soul Retrieval really well to me, it made sense. When we did the work together I really felt the energy return to my body. I’ve felt happier and more whole ever since. It’s difficult to explain. I’ll be forever grateful for the experience.”
Norah, Dublin
“When I started to work with you I realised how disconnected I had become to everything. Energy Healing helped me reconnect; now I feel alive again”
John, Dublin
“My session with Abby was magical. After talking for a bit, Abby was able to sense what was going on for me and together we could heal it. I feel like my life began for real the minute I left her healing room.”
Sarah, Dublin

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