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Do you feel weighed down by life, suffer from anxiety or have difficulty managing your emotions? Are you unhappy and want to transform something in your life? Do you feel lost and need a helping hand to guide you through a difficult time? Or do you simply find that you don’t have the energy or enthusiasm for the things that you love? It’s possible that you’re investing your life-force energy outside of yourself, and you are running on empty. Like a car, sitting on the side of the road, you have the potential to go anywhere you want, but you just can’t get there because you need to fill up your ‘fuel tank’. I see things in terms of power – what are you putting your power into right now? I can help you take your power back and live the life you want.

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Summer Special Offer

5 Days to Raise your Vibration – A Pre-Recorded Healing Programme

Now on Special offer for July – was €75 now €50!
5 powerful healing sessions in 5 audio files, over 5 days. And you get to keep the files and listen again as often as you wish!

I'm coming to America!

Philadelphia and New York

I’ll be hosting a Group Healing Session in Philadelphia AND in New York this September!

Sept 5th Philly – “Releasing Blocks to Love”

Sept 10th NY – “Choosing Love over Fear”

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About Abby

I believe that our heart is the GPS system of our soul. If it’s ignored or switched off, we get lost.

I am a Shamanic Psychotherapist and Energy Healer, a published author and a Spiritual Teacher. I have two books and an upcoming video course with Hay House Publishers, I have a new book coming out with Gill Books Ireland in November 2017, and I have signed to publish with Lleweyln Worldwide in 2019. I have a Masters Degree in science, first class honours in Psychotherapy and I am accredited with the Irish Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling (IACP). I am a Reiki and Seichem Master Teacher, a qualified Mindfulness practitioner and I bring healing and mindfulness into everything I do.

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Do come visit my shop and have a look at what I have to offer you to help you on your healing journey.

“Heal the world by teaching people how to heal themselves”

Latest Updates From Abby

What Are Energy Cords And How Do We Create Them?

Not every question has a direct and specific answer. When my clients ask me this one, each time I explain it, it comes out a little differently! Here is my current thinking on this subject. What is an energy cord? An energy cord is an energetic connection...

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Fear is a terrible thing

Fear sneaks up on us like a dog snapping at our heels. It can follow us around all day, disrupting everything we do. But fear is not a real, tangible thing like a dog is. Fear is something we create. It’s an energy that we place between ourselves and the unknown. It’s...

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Kindness Beyond the Veil

In this two hour show, Chip and I just can't stop talking! Yes, it's 2 hours! and we continued to talk for a further half hour after the show had ended - it would have been for longer only I had to go home and tuck my children into bed!! I hope you enjoy the show!...

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PLEASE NOTE: I am on my summer break - One to One Sessions and Shipping for Bracelets are on hold until July 30th- email me for details Dismiss