The Inner Compass Trilogy

Book 1 Awakening | Book 2 Transformation

Both available now in all good online book shops

Follow Marissa’s story and discover how the dimensions that we live in converge in this reality in magcial and unexpected ways.

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Abby Wynne – Healing Mind, Body Spirit – Do you want to feel better?

Sometimes we need to ask for help. When we are too close to what is going on for us it can be difficult to see, and there are many energetic causes to many of our issues that can cause physical as well as emotional pain. When we are validated and our pain is witnessed it becomes possible to transform it into something else.

I am a healer for the healers, I am a catalyst for transformation, I bring catharsis and compassion and magic to the table. I offer a combination of online programmes (self-paced and live); pre-recorded sessions; distance healing sessions and I have an energy healing circle all on my sister website, Abby’s Online Academy.

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About Abby Wynne

I’ve written many healing books including the bestselling “One Day at a Time Diary”, “Heal your Inner Wounds”, “The Book of Healing Affirmations”, “How to Be Well” and “Planting The Seeds, A Book of Short Stories, Poetry and Prayers.”  Click here to find out more about them all.

My newest writing goes into an area which is new for me – Literary Fiction. The realms of Magical Realism, to be exact. I’m working on a trilogy – The Inner Compass Trilogy. The first book, Awakening, will be published in April, 2022.

My private practice has been active for over 10 years and I have worked with more than 10,000 people. If something needs to be healed, released or transformed I am a catalyst for healing and change and can hold you while we transform it together there and then in the moment.

We are the same but we are always changing. By making space for change we can bring in deep healing catharsis and transformation, so that we can step into our best, healed selves.

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“Empowering people by teaching them how to heal themselves”

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