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Abby Wynne – Healing Mind, Body Spirit – Do you want to feel better?

Sometimes we need to ask for help. When we are too close to what is going on for us it can be difficult to see, and there are many energetic causes to many of our issues that can cause physical as well as emotional pain. When we are validated and our pain is witnessed it becomes possible to transform it into something else.

I am a healer for the healers, I am a catalyst for transformation, I bring catharsis and compassion and magic to the table. Working with me can accelerate your growth process.  I offer a combination of online programmes (self-paced and live); pre-recorded sessions; distance healing sessions; online group sessions and one to one sessions. 

Try a free meditation, read an article on my blog or have a look at my webshop. Visit Abby’s Online Academy and take a look at my self-paced programmes, including 5 Days to Raise your Vibration and Creating Good, Strong, Energetic Boundaries.  I even make healing bracelets! It’s all here for you, whenever you’re ready.

Abby Wynne’s Current Offerings

Online Group Healing

On Abby’s Online Academy

Next energy clearing session July 29th at 3pm Irish Time. €12 with replay and healing for all who sign up. Topic to be decided.

Rise Above Anxiety and Fear

August 10th, 4 sessions over 4 weeks to help you soar like an Eagle above the clouds of anxiety and fear. Isn’t it time you started enjoying your life? Let me help you!

About Abby Wynne

I’ve written many healing books including the bestselling “One Day at a Time Diary”, “Heal your Inner Wounds”, “The Book of Healing Affirmations”, “How to Be Well” and “Energy Healing for Beginners” . My newest book is a collection of prayers, poetry and short stories, called “Planting the Seeds.”

My private practice has been active for over 10 years and I have worked with more than 10,000 people. If something needs to be healed, released or transformed I am a catalyst for healing and change and can hold you while we transform it together there and then in the moment. We are the same but we are always changing. By making space for change we can bring in deep healing catharsis and transformation, so that we can step into our best, healed selves.

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“Empowering people by teaching them how to heal themselves”

My Shop

Do come visit my shop and have a look at what I have to offer you to help you on your healing journey.

  • Pure Energy Distance Healing

    Pure Energy Distance Healing

  • soul retrieval healing session

    Soul Retrieval Healing Session

  • Healing with the Luminous Beings – Meditation Bundle

  • Clearing your chakras

    Clearing your Chakras

  • Opening your Heart to Yourself

    Opening your Heart to Yourself

  • Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

    Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

  • Grounding in the Crystal Cave

    Grounding in the Crystal Cave

  • You are a Shining Light - Expansion and Clearing Meditation

    You are a Shining Light – Expansion and Clearing Meditation


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How well are you looking after your energy field?

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How much practice are you willing to put in?

How much practice are you willing to put in?

My two youngest, Mya and Siân, have been taking music lessons for a couple of years now. They know and understand that it’s not enough to show up for the lesson, they also need to practice between lessons, and the more they practice, the easier it gets to play, and...

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It’s Not Quite Time For The Phoenix To Rise.

It’s Not Quite Time For The Phoenix To Rise.

There is unrest in the world. We are half-way through the year, and I am hearing that the next 2 years will be just as challenging as this one is turning out to be. I must address the riots and protests in America. There has been a lot of hatred online, arguments and...

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