Heal Your Inner Wounds

How To Transform Deep Emotional Pain Into Freedom & Joy

This book is a roadmap for your healing process. Written by Abby and published by Llewellyn, now available worldwide.

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Here’s a sneak peak inside the book!

There is so much work in here, based on both my own personal journey, and work I have done with clients, and with groups.

I know that there will be something here for anyone who is on a path of personal growth and development. 

It’s not a book to read quickly – you might want to read it right through first, and then go back to the sections, the pieces, the exercises that are calling to you.

You can also use it as an oracle – let the book fall open at a page, by itself, to give you a message or answer a question you may be working on.

From the back of the book….. 

You’ve become an expert at surviving the ups and downs of life, but now is the time to start feeling worthy of the good life you dream about. This inspiring book features Abby’s unique methods from Shamanic Psychotherapy so you can experience deep, transformational healing, no matter where you are on your journey. Heal Your Inner Wounds guides you through each step of life from childhood to adulthood and shows you how to work through and release the pain and resentment that may be lingering. Whether it s caused by relationship trouble, family problems, or self-esteem issues, Abby Wynne teaches you to let go of resentments from the past so you can have a more positive future.

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About this book

With many practical, do-able exercises, written in a clear, step-by-step format, this book will guide you through your own personal healing process.

Each section is written for a stage of your life, for all of the aspects of you that may need healing:

  • Your Inner Child
  • Your Inner Teenager
  • Your Young Adult
  • The Divine Feminine
  • The Divine Masculine
  • Your Darkness
  • Your Light

It doesn’t matter what your gender is, how old you are, whether you have done work already on your wounding, or not. This book is for anyone who is ready to heal their own, inner wounds.

I have over 20 years experience of working with healing, I have worked with over 1000 people in one to one sessions over more than 10 years, and we all have one thing in common – we want to feel better. 

But this does take work, and it takes time. I highly recommend that you gather a support team around you if you choose to dive into the work of healing your wounding, as it can bring up emotional pain and difficult memories as they come up to be released. By this I mean some friends that you trust, family that you love, or a therapist that you connect well with.

You are not here to do this work on your own, but you are here to do this work. I’m here to help  – I can support you too through my pre-recorded audio sessions, my group online healing sessions or a one-to-one.

It’s time for you to shed the layers of the burden of pain you have been carrying and step into a new archetypal energy of vibrant health. We no longer need to be survivors, we need to learn how to live in radiance, how to celebrate life in all of its beauty.


I truly hope that you find this book a treasure trove of information and a gentle yet powerful guide for your healing journey. I encourage you to bring it into your therapy sessions if you feel it would be of use to you!

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7 free audio tracks to help you Heal Your Inner Wounds

I have recorded the major exercises from each chapter of my book to help support you on your journey. It’s my pleasure to offer them to you here, for free. When you click the button you will be brought to a web page where you can download a .zip file to your COMPUTER. Please note this will not work on a phone or a tablet.

I have also included my free booklet entitled “How to choose a therapist and therapy that’s right for you” which features all the things you didn’t know you need to know before making an appointment with a therapist.


Audio Extracts on SoundCloud

Click below to listen to me reading an extract from the chapters of the book.

Don’t forget that you can sign up for the free bonus materials to help you go deeper into your healing work.

Chapter One – Your Inner Child

Chapter Two – Your Inner Teenager